Many female residents prefer to reside in a single-sex community for personal, cultural, and religious reasons.  The 8th floor provides such a space to around.

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the state of Pennsylvania become the nineteen state to approve
or allow for gays and lesbians and transgender individuals
to get married yes indeed it is true a federal judge ruled this past Tuesday
Pennsylvania on pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriages
on constitutional US District Judge Jon Jones added
in the decision of a white would verses wall
filed last year set that
LGBT couples can now get married and it struck down
pennsylvania's Defense of Marriage Act his ruling came in one day after a
federal judge ruled
against organ gay marriage ban

the 14th legal victory in a row for marriage equality and making the state a
the nineteen state to allow for LGBTQ couples
to get married congratulations to all of our viewers all wrong to live in
Pennsylvania are those that want to get married
on informed the Love sign in philadelphia or may be in for the Museum
of Art
wherever did you want to get married in Philadelphia Pittsburgh reading Scranton
and on and on and on and on and you can now do you thanks to judge
Jon Jones where

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