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Video Forex - UFXBank - Daily Outlook -05-July-2011 (Best binary option monahans)

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Emini traders can be segregated into as per the style of their trading. They could be hedgers, arbitrageurs and speculators, depending on their preferred trading methodology. Whatever methodology a trader uses, they must be confident in it.

Trading in eminis is quite simple since no matter what strategy you employ you will fall into one of four categories; spreaders, hedgers, arbitrageurs and speculators. Traders who engage themselves in a strategy known as "spreading" use a combination of strategies to reduce the amount of risk they are exposed to in the market as well as increase their profits. As a spreader, your strategy is to take positions in pre-calculated limits after you find out what the difference is in the way the prices move and the offsetting contracts. Your positions then have the potential to make even more money since you have already considerably reduced your risk factor.

Hedgers are traders who choose to trade in e-minis the original way they were meant to be traded. They hedge against any price fluctuations that may affect the market and thus the price of the contracts. Hedgers only trade in futures in which they hold the underlying assets and in doing so protect the positions they hold. This is exactly why futures were created and this type of strategy does have its pitfalls and benefits. However, people have moved on from this type of trading and it's not as popular as the other methods since they require the least amount of risk thus limiting the potential returns.

Arbitrageurs only enter the market when they spot an anomaly between an underlying asset and the futures contract it relates to. This type of trading strategy is one of the hardest as it requires a lot of information and background analysis to spot these anomalies. Arbitrageurs have to invest a lot in super computers that enable them to spot the anomalies in the markets. After the trader spots an anomaly in the market, only then do they take their positions thereafter. This type of trading also requires a lot of trading capital and it's also one of the reasons why arbitrageurs are rare to find. With the capital they inject into the markets, they create plenty of liquidity as they trade in large volumes in order to make meaningful profits.

Speculators are the most common traders in the e-mini futures market. They swing trade and day trade with market movement anticipation to make a profit. This involves a lot of risk but it can also be quite profitable when you analyze the market movement correctly. Since speculators make up the bulk of traders in the market, they increase the activity exponentially and without them it would drop significantly. Their sheer numbers also increases market liquidity which is good since it creates opportunities to make money.

Trading in eminis means that you fall in any one of these categories no matter what your trading style is. Even if you modify a strategy, you will still be able to categorize yourself into one of these four. The category of trading you fall in depends on personal preference but if you are a newbie its best to go with a simple to understand trading strategy. This way you grasp all the technical stuff much quicker and begin to rake in the profits.

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