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Video What Is Compounding? | Financial Terms (Binary options compounding retirement)

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You've probably heard of compounding before, but compounding really means you are earning
interest on the interest of an investment. And what's really important about this is
that it helps you grow your money a lot faster, because you have the power of compounding
working in your favor. So let me give you an example. You know, if I invest 0 and
the first year I'm investing I earn 10% that means I earned and now I have 0. But
that next year I can earn interest on the original 0 and the as well, and that's
really what compounding means. And compounding really helps you accelerate the growth of
your money; particularly you're investing for longer periods of time. When it comes
to compounding you need to invest as early as possible because the number one thing that's
on your side when it comes to compounding is time. The longer the time you have the
further you can grow your money. Compounding also works in the other direction. If I owe
money and I have a lot of debt and I'm paying interest, interest is accumulating and I may
owe interest on that interest. So compounding can work in a

negative fashion as well when
I' dealing with consumer debt for example. So what do you want to do? Start saving and
investing as soon as you possibly can. The earlier that you can start saving for a goal
like retirement the better, uh, pay down debt sooner rather than later for the same reason.
A lot of times people think that small differences, really won't add up and I hear this all the
time. You know "I can't really save for my future today but next year I'll get around
to it." And the next thing you know 7 or 8 years go by and the person haven't started
saving for retirement and they're missing out on that that power of compounding. And
it really becomes harder to catch up. If there is one thing I want you to walk away from
this section on compounding with, start today whatever it is, as it relates to your financial
situation that you are trying to do, weather its saving for retirement or trying to pay
down debt, doing it today allows compounding to work for you and make sure that time is
on your side.

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