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Hello and welcome back, So we have learnt how a symmetrical triangle
is formed and we know what swing highs and swing lows are. We a can actually bring both
of the concepts together to make a simple method of how you can trade this, now remember
that context is very important so let's look at a symmetrical triangle in an uptrend.
so we have seen this one before in the previous video what we are going to add now is that
"where is the point to buy?" And that point is going to be a latest swing high. You see
its quite simple if you think about it, if you are moving upwards and we get a pause
in the pattern or a continuation pattern like this one, your natural resistance point will
be a natural and logical place to buy because at that point sellers have sold or buyers
had dried out, so your latest swing high is that point. So if markets can cross this swing
high it is reasonable enough to say that markets shall continue up and the bulls have regained
control, so your stoplossto buy is going to be the swing high so when the markets move
up and break out that is going to be the entry point, the stop loss is going

to be the latest
swing low where there that is your latest swing low and that's about it, the next is
what if we are in a downtrend. When we are moving in a downtrend you will
see that we have a swing low and short that point and your latest swing high is going
to be your stop. So all these will be stoploss limit orders ask your broker if you don't
know how to do that, they will trigger automatically and you will get into your buy or sell positions
when market prices reach that point that you have specified. Don't forget to put your stoploss
it is basically on the opposite side when you are buying in an uptrend your stoploss
is going to be your latest swing low and when you are falling in a downtrend and you sold
short your stoploss is going to be the latest swing high, now lets go back to those three
charts that we discussed earlier in the previous video IDFC Reliance and Reliance Communication
and how we can actually put trades in them. So this is IDFC 30min chart and as you know
this is our triangle we are looking to short because we are in a downtrend so your latest
swing low is this point which the market

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