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Video BinaryOptions OptionRally October 3rd 2013 Market Watch (Binary options japan 3rd)

Enjoy the thrill of our unique trading platform here m/lps/5-english-2/p?campaign1521 OptionRally's Amy.

I'm Amy Anderson and you are watching OptionRally TV. Take your position with OptionRally Brokers.
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Here is what is happening today October 3rd 2013 in the market,
Gold rose by 2.15% TransCanada Pipeline completion announced
And lastly , Coca-Cola shares fall Your Profits are starting now
Gold rose by 2.15% yesterday, closing at one thousand three hundred and sixteen dollars
an ounce due to the release of a disappointing Nonfarm Employment Change in the private sector.
Technically, according to the daily chart, Gold is trading in a positive momentum after
having tested the support of one thousand two hundred and seventy five dollars, which
is also the 61.8% Fibo-nacci Retracement level. As long as the precious metal is trading above
the support of one thousand three hundred and ten dollars, it may rise towards one thousand
three hundred and thirty dollar levels once again.
Moving on to Crude Oil which rose by two point fifteen percent, closing at one hundred and
three point eighty-one after TransCanada

announced the planned completion, scheduled for this
month, of its Keystone Pipeline. The completion of this pipeline will increase capacity and
reduce storage levels. Technically, according to the 1-hour chart, Oil has retraced from
the upper band of the Bollinger Bands indicator, and the commodity is expected to return to
normal standard deviation by falling towards the lower band, which is also the support
level of one oh one point thirty.
Coca-Cola shares fell by 1.37% yesterday after the company distributed a dividend which annualized
to 1.12 dollars per share despite a tough quarter. Technically, according to the daily
chart, Coca-Cola shares have crossed below the support of 36.61dollars. The fact that
the shares crossed below this support, coupled with the negative momentum provided by the
M-A-C-D indicator, may cause the shares to fall towards the 36.10 levels once again.
I'm Amy Anderson follow me Monday through Friday right here on my Channel, on my Facebook
page and at See you tomorrow

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