Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area and primary city of Thailand. Known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Thai:, pronounced kr tp mh.

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Hey guys this Tanush from Tanush Talks tech back with another video and in this video
I will be showing you guys how to watch live TV rather live cable tv free on your iPhone
iPod iPad or any iDevice without a Jailbreak.
So to get started head over to Safari and navigate to the link in the description below.
As soon as it loads up click on the menu on the top right, this will bring down a drop
down menu select cable TV there you will find a list of TV channel that you can watch. Now
to watch any particular channel simply hit on it and wait for the page to load up. Now
what you have to do is click in the

middle to begin the stream. Now I won't really play
it but I assure you guys that it works perfectly.
Now apart from this you can also watch a number of TV shows by going over to menu again and
selecting channels this time. This will again bring down a drop down menu and you can select
the show you want to watch and the procedure is similar.
So thats it for this video guys. Hope you enjoyed it and if this worked for you dont
forget to leave me a like and also do share this with your friends who might also find
this useful. Do subscribe to my channel

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