I m sure there are other combinations that we can try and I will update this first post as we go along. Charts to follow.

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Whats happening guys,
My name is Amit
And I recently installed the newest Windows 10 operating system on my laptop.
I installed this OS in addition to Windows 7 that I already had pre-installed on another drive in the same laptop.
However, Windows 10 after installation removed the dual boot option that is normally displayed in the bootloader menu
thereby not letting me use Windows 7 at all.
In this video, I'm going to show you how to get the dual boot option re-instated on Windows 10
so that you get an option of booting into the OS of your choice on your system.
To do that, we'll be using a program called EasyBCD
a download link to

which is mentioned in the description box below.
This software basically allows us to edit the boot menu entries and gives us various other options.
Once the program is installed and opened, head onto the "Edit Boot Menu" option
which will basically confirm that the computer currently only sees one OS installed onto it.
Now head onto the "Add New Entry" option, which will give you the option of adding the boot menu of the installed OS.
Select the OS that was previously installed, you can rename it if you want to as well
and select the drive it was installed into.
In my case, it was installed into E drive, but Windows 10 sees that

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