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Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy talking glossary of financial terms and events. Our word of the day is Gearing The most common use of the term.

This is a follow-up video to our January 30, 2013 where we reviewed the 5 X 2 order flow
set-up. We had a short entry here and I urge you to go back and look at that January 30th
video it is on YouTube on Algo Futures channel and it is also on our blog.
Just to follow-up, this is a very consistent set-up - what we do is to continue to look
for a 5 X 2 count. The market moved down here after this 2 was put in. We had a 1, a 2,
and a 3, 4 is a higher high, we always looking for left strength of 8. No 5 was put in. Only
a 2 was put in down here because this low of the 3 was not breached. That where we would
get our 5.
So we started a new count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 market moved up this was breached and not another
4 put in. This low here does not have a left count of 8 so it does not count as a 4 but
here's a 5. Then we had that big move down from it looks like 15.10 and 1/2 area. And,
we had a 1 put in but the 2 was not put in because the left strength was not 8.
And a new one was put in here and a 2 was put here. So, if you're monitoring this, would
look at the close of this bar which is the open of this bar to go short if there's ancillary
order flow information. Which infers that the bots are trading to the sell side and
you would'nt be fighting the tape if you're selling. So our price point here is 1494 and
1/2 and let's jump over to a 4 tick chart with ...sceeto order flow to see what

looks like. What I've done here is that I've drilled down to a 4 tick range bar chart on
the S&P 500 and we some basic order flow stuff on top. We got our spikes in MacDaddy, we've
got MacDaddy down here, we've got WIND and retail vs. institutional MacDaddy - I put
a white line here at 14.94 and 1/2 which was our entry point
or entry area on the 8 tick range bar. And we'll see that you had a spike, a red spike
-- it is actually a green spike and we denote it in red because it is counter trend. And
we got a sell signal here, you got a massive blip up here in retail and you always want
to fade retail and then also if you'll see here - right at the 14.94 and 1/2 number,
WIND flips back to red. All systems are Go in terms of selling down and again, the lower
low in MacDaddy, which means that you'll probably see continuation down here.
So all iin all, it's a tremendous trade. I encourage you to study the 5 X 2 if you're
a longer term swing trader, they often have a lot of follow-thru and it's just a great,
easy set-up to trade.
...sceeto's advanced algorithmic order flow data is now available within:
TradeStation NinjaTrader
MultiCharts Sierra Chart
For more information, please visit www.sceeto.com. This is Cuerva from ...sceeto .... Happy Trading!

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