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Hey guys, Paul at Rapids Wholesale. I want to tell you about the Ultra-Max line from
STAR. This is going to be a step up from the Star-Max griddles, char-broilers and hot plates.
Check out this video.
Hi, I'm pleased to introduce to you our new line of Ultra-Max heavy duty counter cooking
equipment. We've made many design improvements and feature changes to the new design for
better performance and more attractive looks. First, we're going to start off with our
griddles. All of our griddles feature a one inch thick griddle plate 24inches deep. We
feature 40,000 btus for every twelve inches of cooking surface. That's 10,000 btus higher
than our previous design. So it brings the griddle up to temperature very quickly and
it recovers very quickly for more even temperature performance on the cooking surface. Temperatures
now go up to 550 degrees for those high temperature applications in many ethnic cuisines, we can
get this griddle unit accurately up to 550 degrees for high performance high searing
on those units. And as you'll notice, all of these units feature an all stainless steel
front. We've eliminated the polycarbonate design of all of our old Ultra-Max design,
for longer years of service, and attractiveness in the kitchen. And then lastly, we went with
metal knobs on this design. They are attached with set screws so they will stay many years
on the grill and provide many years of attractive service. And the last feature of all of our
Ultra-Max design is it comes with a

three year parts and labor warranty. All of our
products are reliable and we're backing it up with a three year warranty.
Next, I'd like to talk to you about our hot plates. Again we've incorporated some
new features to this design. We have burners that are 30,000 btu each. The next feature
we added was step up design. So we can boil on the back, sauté on the front without impacting
the chef's arms. And then lastly, again you notice the changes to the front of the
unit. The metal knobs the all stainless steel design which matches up with the griddles
left to right, top to bottom.
Next, I'd like to talk to you about our char-broilers. Our char-broilers are high
performing units with 20,000 btu burners every six inches. The major improvement we've
made to this design is that we've chosen to go with a heavy duty cast iron burner every
six inches. So our char-broilers line up front to back, left to right, top to bottom with
our hot plates and our griddles. All of them feature the metal knobs, all stainless steel
front for an attractive appearance in the kitchen. And best of all, all of our units
feature a three years parts and labor warranty to provide your customers with many years
of reliable service.
If you should have any questions about this gear, feel free to give the experts here a
call or you can jump on our online chat. We're here to help!

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