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How to Get Free Stuff. Free—it’s the f-word that everybody loves to hear. There’s no
reason you can’t start hearing it more often. You will need Internet access A phone Spare
time Determination and a burning desire to get things without paying for them. Step 1.
Visit the web sites of your favorite brands, and see what offers and giveaways they’re
running. If they have no freebies listed, give their consumer hotline a call and ask
for samples—companies often have stacks ready to mail out. Step 2. Many cosmetology,
dental, and accounting schools require their students to gain real-life experience by providing
free services to the public. Find schools in your area and inquire about no-charge services.
You may feel like a guinea pig at times, but students are always supervised. And nothing
beats the price. Step 3. If you have an opinion and some spare time, there are hundreds of
sites willing to shower you with free stuff in return for filling out marketing surveys.
You’ll rack up points that are redeemable for electronics, appliances, and gift cards.
Type “online surveys rewards” into a search engine. Stay away from sites that require
credit-card information or demand a fee. Step 4. Find upcoming trade fairs in your area
that are open to the public. Talk to as many vendors as you can. No matter the exhibition,

sure to be free merchandise and swag bags at every turn. And don’t be afraid
to be blunt when asking for freebies—they’re used to it. Show up to a trade show on the
last day. Vendors will often have leftover displays and other goodies they’d rather
give away than pack up. Step 5. Join an online recycling or “freecycling” network. There
are several eco-friendly web sites that allow users to give and receive just about anything.
It’s free to join, and a great way to reuse items that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
Step 6. Hop onto a free blog-hosting site and start reviewing whatever interests you:
movies, music, books, food. If you attract enough traffic, expect companies to start
sending you free DVDs, CDs, or other samples related to whatever you blog about. Step 7.
Bartering, or trading goods and services, isn’t technically free, but it won’t cost
you cash. Go to a web site that offers free classified ads, post descriptions and photos
of goods you want to get rid of, and wait for the offers to roll in. Who knows what
you can find in return? Did you know The businessman credited with inventing freebie marketing
is King Gillette, who gave away disposable blades after he invented them in the early

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