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Video Bull Spreads Risk Reward (Bull spread vs binary options)

An overview of the risk/reward profile of Bull Spreads and the important role played by the contracts' floors and ceilings. m/spreads.

welcome to this Nadex Bull Spread Master Series
where we're going to talk about the risk-reward relationship of a bull
so as we know from the basics of bull spreads
the price of a bull spread is a range there's a floor
and there's a ceiling all the contracts are fully collateralized which is very
important when we're talking about
risk control and risk-reward
so the collateral that we put up again this isn't margin this is collateral
equals our maximum risk on the trade so in the case of being a buyer
the collateral I put up which is equal to my risk is the difference between my
buy price
and the floor on the other side if I'm selling
the difference between my sell price and the ceiling
is my collateral as well as my maximum risk on the trade
now depending on where I'm buying or selling within that
range it's going to vary my risk rewarding relationship
and we look at an order ticket in just a moment we'll see how that relationship
is defined
as far as the reward as a buyer my maximum reward is the difference between
where i buy
and the ceiling the seller's max reward is the difference between the sell price
and the floor again because if I'm selling the
underlying market can go as low as a
wants but my
Nadex bull spread contract cannot trade below the floor
or above the ceiling. so let's take
a look at an order ticket here here's the US five hundred
the December contract again that's the December contract on the underlying market
we have a floor
of 1230 and a ceiling of 1270
so for looking at putting in a buy order currently have the market trading at
about 1234.4 1234.9

offer if I have a buy price let's say I wanna buy maybe a little bit better
than what the market is offering right now
so 1234.6 in this case
I have 46 points between
my floor of 1230 and where I'm buying and so if we look at order ticket we can see
right away if I choose to buy here before ever place that order
my maximum loss is 46 my maximum profit in this case is 354
so that gives me my risk-reward relationship and if you look to the left
of the screen you'll see the buyer in graphical illustration there
the red represents the risk the green represents
the potential reward the seller on the other hand on the right hand side
is taking a lot more risk than what
the buyer is now depending on strategies that may be perfectly
acceptable to them
but by knowing ahead of time
for example if I'm selling this contract we could basically take the inverse
of what we see on that order ticket in the case of
the seller their maximum
profit would be forty six dollars the maximum loss would be 354
and again we know this on the order ticket so it's very easy
when we're looking at our trading plan maybe we have risk-reward parameters setup
in that
it's very easy because again a bull spread as a variable pay out contract
so we can see up front though what is our maximum loss
what's our maximum potential profit for questions or additional information
additional videos are available at WWW dot nadex dot com
or give us a call at 877
77 Nadex you can also email us
customer service at Nadex dot com thank you

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