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Use a multiple response set if a respondent is allowed to select more than one answer to a survey question. This video tutorial provides instructions and.

So let's say you are on Youtube and you want to upload a video onto youtube
Well Youtube has three settings, Public, Unlisted, Private. But most people who upload to Youtube
don't really understand what they mean The default when you upload is the public
and that's the one that 95% of Youtubers know about
With a public setting you can find your video on youtube. Or you can even find it on google.
and then your pathetic, I mean awesome video has the chance of growing because other people
can find it. And then it can go viral. Once viral, it could be on the front page
of CNN or MSN. And who knows? Maybe one day you could be on the today show sitting next
to Matt or Savannah explaining how your awesome video became viral.
With the private setting, things are a little different. You see private is a secure way
of storing your videos and having complete control of who views it. In this case, whatever
you uploaded would not appear in the Youtube and Google search results.
You would be able to view it from your video manager when you logged into your channel
But an average person/some random stranger who happens to randomly peruse your channel
, they would not be able to see your private video. It would only be viewable only to you.
Oh and up to 50 other people Yes, once you login you can share your video
with up to 50 close family

and friends provided that they have youtube accounts. So just login
to youtube, and send e-mails to your friends, family members. Then they will receive a link
via their e-mail that they can now view your video. Once they receive the link, only they
can watch it. The final setting is unlisted which is best
described as a mix between private and public. With unlisted, the results will not appear
in the search results. Like private videos, your unlisted videos
will only appear in your video manager. Outside users will not be able to see it.
The difference is that that the link is shareable, and can be viewed by anyone, even those without
a youtube account. So if you post the link to your close circle
of family or friends And your friends happen to post your video
to facebook, wordpress, twitter, or send it out via e-mail, anyone who has access to the
link can view it. Unlisted videos can't typically go viral because
they can't be searched by strangers, but if the movement is powerful enough, enough people
can view the video via the link and maybe you could end up on the Today show.
So in conclusion, unlisted is a great alternative to people who want a more restrictive way
of sharing their video without making it fully private.

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