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IG presenter Sara Walker looks at day trading, a type of trading that involves opening and closing a small number of trades in the same day. Day traders can.

Hello my name is Mark Griffith. And this is a brief introduction to IRA accounts. What
are they. This is specific to the United States and if you don't have what Americans call
a 401K retirement plan you can still have an IRA account. IRA stands for Individual
Retirement Account. IRA accounts fall into two types; the traditional type and the Roth
type. With the traditional type you don't pay tax on the way in but you do pay tax on
the way out. And the Roth type you do pay tax on the way in, you don't pay tax on the
way out. In other words with a Roth account you pay tax on the income that you put into
the account but the income you get out of the account is tax free. This is obviously
better for people who think they're going to be in the higher income bracket when they
retire. You could only invest IRA accounts up to the age of 70 1/2. Seventy and six months.
And you'll find that there are restrictions on how much money you can pay into the account.
That's ,000.00 a year unless you're over 50 when the maximum goes up to

,000.00 a
year. You can do this through mutual funds, brokerages or your bank. And you'll find that
there are different terms, there are different costs and you should compare what they will
do. If you go to a brokerage house you've got the most responsibility, reverse cycle
and most responsibility for making money but be careful this is for people who are experienced
in investing. With mutual funds you should compare the different fund managers. See what
their track records are and see what they're charging you. Cheaper isn't always better.
Sometimes if you pay more you get more, but not always. And with banks this is usually
the simplest way of doing it. But, of course again, not always the best. So plan how much
you're going to pay in. Plan what kind of IRS account its going to be. And consider
again, consider what your goals are once you retire, once you get started withdrawing money
from it. So be careful. Do your homework and good luck.

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When trading in S&P futures contracts, you must set realistic goals for yourself. Keep yourself focused on achieving the goals and there is no reason why you won't be able to attain success. Be hungry for success and keep learning new things while you move.

To be a successful S&P future trader, there are certain steps you have to follow. This may seem like taking the beaten path once too often but it works. Doing what others have done to be successful can never be frowned upon. First, you may find it quite difficult but get yourself a mentor. Why bother re-inventing the wheel when you can learn from someone who has consistently been making profits? They can show you what works and what does not as well as what mistakes to avoid while trading.

Choose your mentor carefully and he/she has to be one who you are compatible with. This is the only way you can benefit from their vast experience in the markets. You have to establish your own good habits. The only way to be successful at trading is by being very organized. Start getting organized from the beginning and put some discipline into your life and set a structure for your trading routine. When you're not organized, you set yourself up for distractions and this ultimately leads to failure. A successful trader learns everything they can to trade the markets like a pro. This is very important in all kinds of trading and without having good habits you will fail.

Ensure that you set realistic goals. Goals are important in trading and without them you cannot become a successful trader. These goals can only be achieved through hard work and sacrifice and this goes for all goals and not just the ones you set for trading. Constantly keep pushing yourself to achieve your goals and get excited when you achieve the smaller goals since a bunch of small goals eventually lead to a bigger goal. Realize that this is a process and not an action; and that striving for excellence is a never ending process. Keep yourself focused and stick to the path and you will be successful.

Persistence pays, so be very persistent and keep working towards reaching your full potential. Your attitude must be hungry and you should never allow yourself to be content. Drive yourself to learning more and become a better trader even when you are making some profits. The word "quit" shouldn't be in your vocabulary and no matter what you must have a never ending pursuit of your trading dreams. This is what persistence means. Persistence is what will set you apart from those who enter the market looking for quick bucks only to run after making a loss.

Every S&P futures trader has made mistakes at one point or the other but the key is to learn from the mistakes you make and move on. Don't doubt yourself even after making a few errors that cost you money. Keep your eye on the bigger picture and adapt to changes and you will be bound for success. Losses may hurt but you must look beyond them and move on. If you linger for too long you may demotivate yourself and this can be quite dangerous in trading. Learn to take losses in stride as you work on your methodology.

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