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Video Top Forex Trading Signal - Sell NZD/CHF | Fibonacci Matrix (Buy forex provider sell signal)

My FX Trading Signal - Sell NZD/CHF m The NZD/CHF is sending a strong sell signal on its monthly chart with a stunning.

hi guys Tuesday july nineteenth and we are here with our top trait of the day
and the first one is the new zealand dollar versus if the swiss franc and it
is a cell signal
now this is a fresh cell signal guys i've just entered this short trade and
let me show you the analysis here comes from the monthly charge or just looking
at the monthly chart and this is that basically let me just pull my drawing
tool here
this is basically a very strong sell signal that what you see here is what we
call a spike a key reversal spike right
a key reversal spike is usually happens when the body is at least I mean let's
do it let's let's let's say that the the tail is at least two times the length of
the body and as you can see here
I mean it it hasn't the month hasn't come to an end yet but still it's quite
the obvious that we're going to have here a nice reversal spike here so i'm
going to bet on this one before it's gonna move sub-zero service
substantially lower i wanted i want to catch it while it's still good time to
do so
and we also have this here as you can see the matrix right and this is a very
strong resistance level right here at the 16 984
so that's not just any level
that's quite significant level here and the fact that Christ went all the way
down to close below it in itself it's a cell signal

fact that it leaves such a long tail and
the such a short body it's also you know a pattern a reversal pattern
so let me just quickly move to the weekly chart
so here I how was it - how it looks like in the weekly chart
this is the matrix that i'm looking about when I'm talking about with the
black lines here and this is the major resistance level that is still valid
because what we've seen in the monthly chart so it's 60 months 84
so I my nice topless level basically is at 70 40 which is a
for enough I think to hide behind that level and my price target in this case
is well there's going to be a few right
the next one is at 67 39 now that's a level to take under consideration the
next one will be 64 65 here which will be a major one but i believe in this
case because prices such as done such an over shooting here taking the highs
you know with such a force
it's more than likely that it will also take the previous low here right
so that's why i put my price target at the at the levels of 63
all right oh . 63 obviously i probably will react to to the behavior of price
action against the next
you know support levels here and the next one here
so guys this is that's about it
arm i'll see on the next one bye bye

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