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Video Cameron Trading Post Arizona (Cameron trading post grand canyon arizo)

The Cameron Trading Post in Arizona was established in 1916. Located between the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and Lake Powell, the Cameron Trading Post is a.

Hi it's AlaskaGranny
welcome to the Cameron Trading Post in Cameron Arizona
located between Flagstaff the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell
on highway 89 in Arizona
beautiful setting the Cameron Trading Post has been there since 1916 for 100 years
you can see there is a gift shop
with all kinds of trinkets and artifacts interesting gifts
but don't be fooled by the tourist things in the front of the store trading post
keep walking through the Cameron Trading Post and you will see
beautiful collections of hand crafted rugs pottery crafts and items made by Navajo Hopi and more
native made crafts for sale
they have an amazing selection of beautiful things for sale that is worth spending a nice long break on your trip to see it all
look over all of the crafts on your travels through Arizona
the Cameron Trading Post also has a snack bar
you can grab and ice cream cone or a cold drink
and a

restaurant that has out of this world
prickly pear French Toast and Navajo Tacos
delicious food
check it out at the Cameron Trading Post restaurant
the Cameron Trading Post Hotel situated on the Little Colorado River Gorge
quiet scenic resting spot just off the highway
check out the gardens at the Cameron Trading Post
the gardens are beautiful
they have an art gallery at the Cameron Trading Post
which has exquisite art work by native American Indians hand crafted Native items
there is a lot to see at the Cameron Trading Post in Arizona
if you are heading through Arizona on your journeys make sure to make it a priority to visit
the Cameron Trading Post in Arizona
places to see in Arizona
fun places to visit in Arizona
top attractions in arizona
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