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Video Buy Bitcoins US: Cryptocurrency Deemed A Commodity By US Trade Commission (Commission commodity future trading us)

Buy Bitcoins US? You should get into any other cryptocurrency that offers a future of growth similar to what Bitcoin has had anyways! (that could easily make you).

Buy Bitcoins US! Well, or maybe at least any other cryptocurrency that has the growth potential
that fits your needs. But, this is Caleb Wright here with what is a cryptocurrency dot com,
and I'm back with more news and education from the world of cryptocurrency and today
the latest news is that bitcoin has officially become a US commodity. The US commodity futures
trading commission, just relegated bitcoin and cryptocurrency to that status just the
other day actually. This is breaking news. This is huge news for bitcoin and cryptocurrency..
and all cryptocurrencies in general, now that it's being treated as a commodity in the US
and this is just days after the Australian Senate announced that they were going to treat
bitcoin and cryptocurrency as they would treat any other currency in the world. So with that,
I'm just going to play this news clip that's going to go into more information about how
the US just recognized bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a commodity. Bitcoin is to be cast as a
commodity in the United States along with gold and oil according to the Commodities
Futures Trading Commission. It's decision follows a clampdown on unregistered firms
which trade derivatives of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is a virtual currency that allows
users to exchange online

credit for goods and services. And while there is no central
bank that issues them, Bitcoins can be created online by using a computer to complete difficult
tasks also known as 'mining'. So for more information about cryptocurrency in general
you can visit what is a cryptocurrency dot com and for information about how you can
start profiting off of cryptocurrency today you can also visit www.digitalcurrencyfuture.com.
You can find links for all of this information, for both of those things right underneath
this video, in the video description. Alright, so go click the links right under this video
for more information and please like and share this video on the social networks with your
friends. Caleb Wright here with what is a cryptocurrency dot com, hope you found this
news as huge as I did, and stay tuned in for more information and news from the What Is
A Cryptocurrency Youtube Channel and our What Is A Cryptocurrency dot com website for more
information, news and education from the world of cryptocurrency. Buy Bitcoins US! Or at
least any cryptocurrency that has growth potential that's going to work for you. Caleb Wright
here signing off, have a nice day. Buy bitcoins US.

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