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Video Registration and Interface by: Xtrade Online CFD Trading (Commodity forex online trading)

Use Xtrade CFD platform to trade quick and easy with any instrument you want - indices, commodities, shares and Forex. Monitoring your trading is easy with.

Welcome to Xtrade, the world's number one CFD platform. Signing in and starting
to trade on the Xtrade CFD platform is quick and easy. Simply start by
specifying your personal information.
The Xtrade trading screen consists of four sections. Use the menu to find and
display the instruments you wish to trade. Search by categories: indices,
commodities, shares, and forex. You can also use the free text search to display
the instrument you're looking for. Open and close positions and monitor your
trading activity in the main trading area. Set cross-platform price alerts to
improve your trading performance. Create and manage your favorite instruments and
get more detailed information about them by clicking "Details". Use our advanced charting
tools to enhance your technical analysis. You can choose from timesets, price displays, indicators,
graphical elements, and screen multiplicity. You can also

share your insights through social media. In the "My Account" section you'll get a
comprehensive at-a-glance view of your financial position.
For example, "Available" funds tells you which part of your equity can be used to
trade. You can gain extra benefits by accumulating "Bonuses"" and "XPoints". Click
"Deposit" and select from a variety of Xtrade's payment options and digital wallet
solutions. Navigating through the position tabs helps you stay on top of your
trading activity.
In addition to these trading-related features, you can use the main interface
to: Choose your language from over 35 supported languages;
Access Xtrade professional tools, alerts, and marketing reports;
Manage your account settings through "Account Options".
You're now ready to start trading with Xtrade.

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