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Video 'The Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah Meets Ellen (Commonwealth bank saturday trading hours sydney)

The Comedy Central host told Ellen about life growing up in South Africa!

- So congratulations on "The Daily Show."
You are so funny. - Thank you.
- And I cannot believe this because
you really were just a stand-up.
You had only been on television a couple of times.
- Yeah, I guess in the U.S. I had only done,
like, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
I had done "The Late Show" with Letterman,
so doing "The Daily Show" has been a mind-blowing experience.
- Well, you're doing a great job.
- Thank you. - You're really doing
a great job. - Thank you.
- 'Cause that's a tough thing to follow Jon.
I, for the first time, went to South Africa last summer.
- Yes. - I went on a safari
in South Africa and Cape Town.
But what a way to grow up because--
tell everyone your story growing up.
It's really amazing.
- It's weird 'cause when people say that,
I think I grew up normally.
And then I go home to visit my grandmother
and then I remember we had an outdoor toilet.
And then I'm, like, "Oh, yeah.
Seemed like a lot more fun when I was a kid."
- Yeah. - But it was.
It was just like a normal thing.
Like I grew up in a world--
'cause I think because everyone is poor,
you don't feel as poor. - Uh-huh.
'Cause there's no one who's like, "Ha-ha, you're poor."
'Cause, like, everyone is just-- 'cause they're like,
"Yeah, so are you," and then it's like, "Ah."
You know what I mean? There's no--
yeah, there's no--there's no-- there's no feeling.
So, and everyone's laughing
and everyone's having a great time.
I'm sure you felt it. Even in the midst of poverty,
laughter is the one thing that elevates people, so...
- Yeah, but to grow up during apartheid,
because your dad's white, right? - Yes.
- And your mom's black? - My mom is black, yeah.
- So, I mean, and that was a really tough time for you.
- For them, not for me.
- Well, also for you because your mother--
when you were walking down the street, there was, like--
- Yeah, but I didn't know it. I honestly thought--
so my mom couldn't hold my hand in public.
So I just thought this is what, like, moms

I didn't know--I had no other references to other moms,
so I wasn't like, "Why is she not holding my hand?"
I was just like, "She's independent, she's cool."
Just--that's what she does, you know?
So, you don't--I always say I grew up in a great time
because I appreciate what happened.
I appreciate how democracy changed our lives.
But I wasn't in apartheid for so long
that I can say it truly affected me negatively.
I think my parents had a tougher time.
My mom was arrested for being with my dad on many occasions,
so she--she got it the worst. - Yeah.
- I was having a great time. - Well, it's amazing.
And really, I think that a lot of adversity
and a lot of--and you say you didn't struggle,
but it's an interesting place to grow up,
and I think it forms us as comedians...
- Yes. - Because we look at the world,
and we have to have something to laugh at.
We have to find things that make us happy.
- Well, jokes are free. - Yeah.
- That's the--well, not my-- like, don't--
Pay at the shows if you come to the shows.
I'm not saying-- don't use this against me.
- You are a huge fan of roller coasters, I understand.
- I am. - And they get me on them.
I'm not, like, I don't seek them out,
but when I'm near one, I'll get on a roller coaster,
but you actually enjoy it. - I love them so much.
- Yeah. I have something for you.
The next time--see, there I am about to go.
- That does look funny. - Yes.
- I'm not gonna lie, that does look funny.
- And that's just starting. We hadn't even--
I don't think we had taken off yet.
But I have something for you
the next time you go on a roller coaster.
Andy, bring it out. You can film yourself.
You wear this, you have-- - Oh, wow.
- Look in the front of it. It has--
you have a GoPro here, here,
and when-- so when you're on it--
- Am I allowed to wear this on a roller coaster?
- I think so, yeah.
Can we get his--
[cheers and applause]

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