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Video Commitments of Traders Data (Cot analysis forex)

Commitments of Traders Data Incorporate historical CFTC Commitments of Traders Data in Charting and RadarScreen for Futures Open Interest Analysis.

The Commitment of Traders report employed each week by the CFTC provides a breakdown
of futures open interest held by three groups of traders. Large commercials, which are farmers,
producers, factories, and hedgers; non-commercials, which are large speculators like banks and
large money managers; and small speculators, like you and me. TradeStation has compiled
these reports into a historical database that can be accessed in charting, RadarScreen,
Scanner, and Option Station. This data goes back over 10 years for historical perspective
and back-testing. Remember that this data is not real-time, it is released each week
for the previous week's data. For more information on COT data, visit the CFTC website. To access
the commitment of traders data in TradeStation, three basic indicators are provided; COT net
position, COT total position, and COT total position percent. TradeStation uses a consistent
color scheme for plotting COT data, where large commercials are blue, large non-commercials
are green, and small speculators are red. Each of the COT indicators has an input which
allows you to include futures options open interest. But by default, only futures open
interest is included. If I double-click on one of the COT indicators and I go to the
inputs tab, here I can see there is an input that says futures only or futures and options.
When the input is set to 1, it's futures only. If you change the input to 2, the open interest
includes futures options. So futures or futures and options open interest. The

COT net position
indicator plots the net long short open interest of each group. It is the difference between
the long and short positions held by each group. A positive number shows how many more
contracts are being held long by a particular group than short. Here you can see that the
commercials are net short 51,000 contracts. And the other side of those positions are
being held by the non-commercials and small speculators. The COT total position indicator
plots the total long short open interest position of each group. This is the total number of
contracts held. Total open interest for this market would be the summation of each groups,
divided by 2. And the COT total position percent indicator plots the total long short open
position of each group as a percent of total open interest. These numbers will always equal
100. These same three indicators can be used in RadarScreen, and COT data can easily be
incorporated into any new custom indicator or trading strategy. Commitment of Traders
data is available in all versions of TradeStation right now, however the indicators that I just
showed you will not be available until the next release of TradeStation. However, we
are providing these indicators along with this workspace in a .zip file that you can
download from the QuickTips page. Included in that .zip file is a PDF explaining how
commitment of traders data is implemented in TradeStation.

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