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all the daily futures letters contain a trend timeframe table
that provide directional price target across four distinct time horizons
the current trading day the next three to five trading days
the next two to three weeks and the next two to three months these represent the
time arises I address in my analysis
and those like underscoring the commentary why the variety in time horizons
to begin with at any given time any market can display
a number of distinct directional trends within a cross section of time horizons
for instance a near-term bear trend can and often will xist
inside the structure of a longer term bull trend a good analogy would be
seasonal weather patterns despite the fact that temperatures trend steadily
for mid-august into mid February the farmer's almanac will ask you to
anticipate short term counter trends in mid-october
known as Indian summer and another several months later
known as the January thaw in technical speak
these would be considered short term uptrend within the confines of a
longer-term downtrend
I can show a recent example of this in the futures market
as a this February 2015 recording where
two months prior the active with contract was in the grips of a decisive
multi-week rally.
the daily bar chart was largely void of a reliable overhead resistance
get the weekly continuation chart indicated longer-term trend defining
at 665.25 the week Monday December 15
if we take a look at the hourly chart on that day

the only day mind you the
market tested this long-term formation
you can see that other than a brief spike through in the very early morning
electronic market
the day session itself open below 665.25
in the first hour it pushed briefly through by a full cent
before commencing past six weeks bear cycle
no individual time frame
exist in a bubble with longer-term trend dynamics
usually winning over the near term ones as illustrated a moment ago
a near term bull trend will tend to exhaust itself so long as that exist
within the confines of
a well-defined longer-term bear trend this is one of the reasons why
years ago while on the floor the Chicago Board of Trade
where my focus was entirely short term I
always accounted for those price support and resistance levels directly
correlated with longer-term trends
not only are the long-term levels well suited for affective short term trading
but they also represent the structures that dominate the overall market dynamic
which is especially useful for position traders
and hedgers intending to harness multi-week moves
by including all time frames in your market analysis
one can more effectively predict directional reversals
or accelerations and momentum accelerations providing you access to the very
essence a profitable trading and investing let's move on to the next
defining buy and sell signals

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