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What is day trading? So, this is a question that I am asked every so often. Despite seeing
some of these day trading videos that I make some people just still have trouble grasping
the definition of day trading. So, in this video I lay it out for you in an easy to understand
format. In fact when I was younger I had an idea of
the several different professions that I wanted to go into. And to be honest with you I didn't
actually know it at the time but I did want to be a day trader. But I just didn't know
what the heck it was. I

actually thought that what I wanted to do
was be a stock broker or a financial planner. Not actually realizing that what I wanted
to do was day trade. I wanted to look at charts and analyze them. These are all the things
that day traders do. So, we begin with the layman's terms definition
of what is day trading. Day trading is actively participating in any of the security markets
with the intention of making a profit. Day traders are typically only involved in trades
for the day. They hardly ever hold overnight. If you are holding overnight you more or less
are a swing trader. Day traders are often in positions for seconds
or minutes. In fact the longest trade I've ever been in was just

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