Binary option robot introduction and demo video; Ten tips for making more money with binary options trading; More in-depth look (the reasons why you should).

Video Binary Option Robot Automated Trading Software Review (Demo binary option robot ad)

Binary Option Robot Automated Trading Software Review To the Robot. Binary Option Robot Is An Automated Robot Software That Trade.

below I will show you how binary option robot works
the software is composed in two parts the ruble
interface and the broker website on the robot
interface you can choose the maximum numbers have simultaneous trades
also you can choose the value each trades
so when the robot will automatically bet on a currency pair it with best the
corresponding amount of money
then you can choose which currency pairs to trade here I select
all the currency pairs you can also choose the indicators that will generate
the signals
here I select Mac T&R espy
now you are ready you just have to start the robot by selecting or two trading
the robot will now wait for a new signal to appear
when a signal abuse the software will star
trading the market the ruble immediately listen to market signals and take
position with the selected value
in the settings you can follow the positions on the robot
now the robot will wait for a new signal to appear and will trade again and again
here again the ruble open a position with the selected value
in the settings I will accelerate the video now and show you some

then in the end of the video I will show you how to withdraw your winnings to
your bank account
I am back after three minutes have trading and all positions and now
we conceded the robot opened 11 trades
and here are the results to most
one you too
and 81
the robot made a net profit of 43 donors and twenty cents
in three minutes
it took me 10 hours to make this video meanwhile I let the robot turning
in background and I want to show you the result I will log into my account
and you will see my new bands
my account is now with 73,000 259 donors
I when more than five thousand donors in 10 hours
to withdraw your winnings to your bank account is very easy
just click on my account then on withdrew
and to the M&T want to withdraw and validated by clicking on withdrew
the request is submitted in the money will be transferred to your bank account
if you are interested by the robot you can download it for free by clicking on
the download button on the website
thank you for listening to me

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