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Video Two In A Binary World LIVE - Ellipsis (Demo binary option ug)

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Yeah I know how it has always been
I know how it's meant to be
I know it's ok to be 0 or 1
but what if there weren't two numbers but three
but three
Cause I'm a number two in a binary world
I'm sure not going to do what I was told
I used to be so

mainstream, but now you see;
Now I'm indie I'm totally free
if digital is progress then count me out
cause I'm a number two and the analogue is what I'm about
I used to be so mainstream, but now you see;
Now I'm in I'm totally free.

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Partner's Publications

For many investors who do not know their day trading techniques, the futures markets can be rather confusing, especially because of all the various terms and trading strategies. Indeed, making significant profits in the futures markets is definitely possible, but knowing how the various types of markets function and how those profits can be achieved consistently is important too.

How To Be Successful?

The futures market include both hedgers and speculators who predict whether there will be a rise or fall in the price of a commodity, currency, or specific market index in the future. There are certainly risks when trading in the futures markets, but there is also a substantial potential to see both short-term and long-term gains since these markets have tremendous volatility.


Commodities are physical products and the forces of supply and demand determine their value. Energy, grains, and precious metals are included among them. Traders trade commodities in a centralized market, where the rise or fall of prices by a certain time is predicted by investors and speculators.

One strategy that can be used is when commodities are being traded is to use straddles. Calls (where traders speculate that the price is going to rise) and puts (where traders speculate that the price is going to fall) of the same number have to be held with the same expiration date and strike price in order to construct a straddle. Here, the basic idea is to believe that the prices will stay volatile in the future, whether they move up or down.

Another strategy that could be used is to purchase a call option. Generally, calls are purchased when it is believed the underlying asset's price is going to appreciate in the coming future. On the other hand, a put option should be purchased if it is believed that the underlying asset's price is going to decline in the coming future.


Just like commodities, when currencies are being traded, traders speculate whether there will be a rise or fall in the prices of a certain currency in the future. Scalping is one strategy that is used quite commonly when currencies are being traded. Taking short-term profits whenever the value of a currency incrementally changes is the ultimate goal of scalpers. Over time, their profits continue adding up as they do this over and over again, as a result of which they ending up earning substantial total profits once all those small profits are added up. Browse for more information here to learn day trading.

Trying Day Trading Techniques Out

It can seem rather daunting for an investor to get started in various futures markets. Putting strategies or techniques such as the ones above to test with paper trading is the ideal way traders can learn as they go while not risking any of their money. Ultimately, investors will no longer be as confused as they once were. Find more info at eminitradingsystems.com on day trading techniques.

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