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(Ann) One of the greatest things of working from home is that I'm in my world.
Being able to look out my window and see the water.
It's very serene and very calming.
(Kimberly) I can still work and interact with people. I love it.
(Heather) The pros of working at home is just the convenience of being at
home. You really save time and travel. You save time in having to get ready
in the morning. The extra time I would spend traveling I get to spend here
with my family.
(Eric) Being that I worked at call centers before, I thought it was a great
opportunity and definitely something different. There's nothing better than
waking up in the morning, 20-25 minutes before I have to get on the phone,
get my breakfast, brush my teeth, and I'm ready to go.
(Ginger) The agent role for work at home is a call center representative that
is simply doing it from their own home. You are answering calls, assisting
customers, providing excellent customer service, and answering questions.
(Ann) It starts off quiet but then it gets up to speed and I have calls pretty
well back to back.
(Heather) You are constantly taking calls. You get done with one call and
you are finishing up with the computer stuff for that call, you hit "man-in"
and you can have your next call.
(Eric) I can see a lot of individuals thinking, well hey, I'm working at home,
that means I can just be on the Internet until a call comes in and I don't
have to worry about day care; it's not gonna work.
(Kimberly) You have to dedicate your time and your work

space to Capital One.
(Heather) I normally start in the morning by putting a sign up outside
that says please do not knock or ring my doorbell. So that way I don't have
any disruptions. You have to have a nice quiet environment where you
can do the job and do it the right way.
(Ann) You have to be focused and very present to your customer. You're
going to get found out if you're not. It's not like they have a big eye on you
like you're being watched in your office, but you are heard.
(Heather) A manager can pull up our call at anytime. You never know who's
listening. You could be getting graded on a call right there and you want
to make sure every call you do is the best call that you can do.
(Ginger) The computing process is a guideline that we've set up where we tell
them this is what we expect out of all of your calls. We want it to sound like
this one representative is there for that
one customer every single time they call.
(Eric) The biggest difference between working in a regular call center and
working at home definitely is the interaction with individuals, face to face.
(Heather) IM is our main form of communication. It's constant chats back and
forth. Whether it be a chat with your manager or a chat with your teammate.
First thing I do in the morning is open up my chats.
(Kimberly) I am interacting with my co-workers
all day, every day. So, I do feel like
I'm in an office with the comforts of home.
(Ginger) The training process for the work

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