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Video BinaryOptions- Bed Bath and Beyond plunges - Market Watch January 10th 2014 (Discount binary options trading lake of the )

OptionRally's Amy Anderson has your Market review for January 10th 2014, to help guide your trades. Bed Bath and Beyond plunges, European Central Bank.

I'm Amy Anderson for OptionRally TV.
Let's take a look at today's market highlights for January 10th , 2014
Bed Bath and Beyond plunges European Central Bank and Bank of England
hold fire Crude Oil demand decline
Let's take a quick look at what is happening in the global markets.
It's been a busy week for the global markets with major events coming from every sector.
Traders have not yet determined what it all means, so they are more or less sitting on
their hands waiting for today's nonfarm payroll data. Investors got a sharp reminder Thursday
that the economy still has some weak spots. Bed Bath & Beyond and Family Dollar, plunged
after cutting their earnings forecasts following a disappointing holiday season. Other retail
stocks also fell sharply even as the broader stock market ended little changed. The worst
performer in the S&P 500 index was Bed Bath & Beyond, which plunged .93, or 13 percent,
to .75. L Brands, which owns Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret, reported that
its sales rose less than analysts had expected. The company also cut its full-year outlook.
Shares of Macy's rose more than 8% and hit a record high Thursday, even though the company
announced it was closing some stores and is laying off 25hundred workers.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 17.98 points. The Standard & Poor's 500 added 0.64
points while the NASDAQ composite lost 9.42 points.
In the forex markets China's Trade Balance fell to 25.6 billion in December from 33.8
billion in November. Exports from the world's second-largest economy rose 7.9 percent to
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while imports increased 7.3 percent to php.95 trillion, the General Administration
of Customs announced. Concerns over further tapering by the US Federal
Reserve have led to market sentiments turning weak. The US dollar surged against the euro
as the ECB kept its benchmark interest rate on hold at a record-low level and ECB President
Draghi pledged decisive action if inflation slows further. The Bank of England also left
its cash rate unchanged, while there was some good news in Europe with the release of data
showing a rise in confidence. The dollar index last stood at 80.95-3, having retreated from
81.18-7, a high not seen since late November. But the euro ran into strong buying interest
from a number of sources around php.35-25 forced those who had sold earlier to quickly cover
their positions, traders said. The common currency also climbed against the yen, reaching
Moving to commodities, crude oil production continues rising to a three-decade high and
demand is dropping; crude oil is likely to come under pressure. Brent crude was quoted
at 6.60 a barrel and US crude at .35 in early trade.
Analysts' views on Gold are also bearish with Bank of America Merrill Lynch forecasting
gold's average prices at -50 an ounce this year. Barclays, which has pegged the average
for gold at $ 12-05, expects the yellow metal to test 2010 lows.
I'm Amy Anderson for OptionRally follow me right here on my channel, at Optionrally.com
and on my Facebook page. Have a great weekend see you Monday

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