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Video South Pasadena Restaurants -Bistro De La Gare Discount- Best Restaurants In South Pasadena CA (Discount trade paris)

South Pasadena Restaurants - Get Your COUPON HERE : The Bistro De La Gare is one of the best restaurants in South Pasadena - we.

South Pasadena Restaurants
Hello, my name is Bruno, I’m the chef of The Bistro de la Gare in South Pasadena.
Me and my team would like to invite you for an authentic French culinary experience here,
at the Bistro de la Gare. The restaurant opened 17 months ago in South Pasadena. In French,
it means the “train station restaurant.”
The food we serve here is light French cuisine from the Mediterranean region. We use local
ingredients. We work with the farmers market. The

environment here is very cozy, relaxed.
We serve lunch extremely fast. We have a formula for professionals who don’t have a long
time for lunch. It takes about 15-20 minutes.
I have something very interesting to offer you. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, come
for lunch. We offer a 10 % discount for you to try our wonderful food. It’s very simple,
just click on link in the description and come in our restaurant in South Pasadena Ca

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