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They rarely venture far from the coast. Their lives are spent fishing close by the mangrove
swamps and the coral reefs. Here, they find almost everything they need.
The mangrove swamps are an essential barrier between the land and the sea. They protect
the land from erosion, which would cloud the waters of the coral reefs, killing the corals
and with them all the animals that live there.
And the rich, complex system of mangrove roots
also provides food and shelter for animals and humans.
The Bajau know many different fishing methods,
but perhaps the most curious of all is this one, fishing with kites.
The technique they use is simple but very effective. It consists of attaching a hook
to the kite, which is made from fern leaves, and with the help of a pole, the fisherman
can move the hook as far out as he wants.
The swaying of the kite keeps the bait in constant movement,
attracting above all the flying fish.
This fisherman is called Jaret, and until eight years ago he lived in a leppa.
Like many other Bajaus, Jaret decided to join a government settlement and education plan.
Now, he lives with his wife and four children in this village of stilt houses called Torosiaji.
The government tried to house the first families along the coast, but they were unable to

to dry land, and soon returned to their boats. Then, the Bajau suggesting building the village
over the sea, and so Torosiaji was born.
Today, it is a prosperous, well-organised community of 300 families, who have electricity,
a small clinic, a school and a mosque, and every year new buildings are added to this floating city.
Though the greatest number of Bajaus live in Sulawesi, there are also groups of them
in Myanmar, where they are called Moken, or ‘the people drowned by the sea’; in Thailand,
they are known as the Chao Nam, or ‘water people’, and they can also be found along
the coasts of the Philippines and Vietnam.
Despite this diaspora, and the enormous distances
separating them, they have in common the same maritime culture,
characterised by their profound knowledge of the seas.
The mosque and the school are the only buildings in Torosiaji standing on dry land.
Well, not exactly dry land, because they have been build on foundations made of coral.
Though the government’s main aim is that they should settle, and the children go to
school, it respects those who have decided to preserve their traditional way of life,
and every day a number of canoes sail out to the leppas to take the children of the
nomads to the school.
At low tide, the shellfish can be easily gathered. This is

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