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Hey there my friends, John here, and today we're going to be talking daypacks. Now with
the wide range of packs that are available on the market, it can sometimes be a little
challenging to find one that's just right for you. So today, we're going to talk really
quickly about some of key factors to take into account when selecting a pack, as well
as take a quick look at a few of the different styles of packs that are available, and wrap
that up by looking at some of the main considerations you'll want to take into account when selecting
a pack that's ideal for your outdoor adventures. There are a few important considerations to
take into account when selecting a daypack. Number one would be the primary activity that
you intend to use the pack for. Number two would be the average duration of the trips
that you take. Number three would be any personal preferences, such as capacity, special features,
organization abilities, etc. So, what do you say we take a quick look at a few different
styles of packs and how each of those packs may meet some of those needs. On the smaller
end of the spectrum, we have the lumbar pack, which typically has a capacity of anywhere
from 5 to 15 liters. They're typically just large enough to fit a few essentials as well
as some snacks and water and they excel at trail running or short hikes in hot weather.
Next in line, we have the hybrid hydration packs which generally run in size from 8 - 15
liters. This is enough room to allow you to carry plenty of water, as well as a few extra
essentials. They excel at trail running, cycling, or longer duration hikes. Moving up a level,
we have the lightweight, no-frills style pack, which generally has a capacity of around 15-20
liters. These are great for the minimalist ultralight hiker who prefers to go on long
all-day hikes with ultra lightweight loads. And next we have what you would probably recognize
as the most common type of daypack. These are a mid-size pack that generally comes in
at around 20-30 liters in capacity. They can accomodate all

the gear that the average hiker
will need for a full day on the trail. And being the most common type of pack, it's very
easy to find one with all the features that you require. And coming in at what most would
consider to be the upper-most limits of a daypack is one with a capacity of 30-45 liters.
These are ideal for technical activities such as scrambling, technical climbing, ski touring,
etc. They can handle heavier loads and they can also serve double duty as an overnight
pack as well. Once we've settled on a specific style of pack. What are some of the things
that we need to look for to make sure that it's the best pack for us? Number one would
have to be comfort. You want a pack that well-fitting, it has plenty of padding, adequate ventilation,
and plenty of adjustability options. Quality is extremely important as well. We want a
pack that is well made, durable, and is going to last for many an outdoor adventure. The
overall versatility of the pack is extremely important as well. The more uses and activities
that you can pursue with the pack, all the better. And finally you'll want to look for
a pack that has features that fit your specific needs and the activities that you like to
pursue. This can be anything from trekking pole loops, multiple attachment points, side
mesh pockets, an internal hydration sleeve, organizational capabilities, pretty much anything
that makes your time out on the trail as enjoyable as possible. Well, I hope you found this information
helpful when it comes time to choose your next daypack, and if so, please feel free
to give us a big thumbs up. It let's us know you enjoyed the video and we really appreciate
it as well. And for more outdoor-related videos, I've included a couple links here that you
may enjoy as well. And until next time I just wanted to say thank you very much for watching
and take the best of care.

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