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Video Find Out If Your Call Options Have Dividend Risk | Trading Tips From a Pro (Find options with high premiums)

How do you determine if your Call options are exposed to dividend risk? Easy! Take a look at the corresponding Put option (same strike and expiration) and if.

When things go wrong
you find the right guy for the job
like me the BAT
watch how real mechanics work it out
Stocks with dividends are tricky to deal with
just like transmissions.
Test for dividend issues by comparing the price of the put
that has the same strike and expiration as the call.
If the put’s trading higher than the dividend price
congratulations, you passed inspection!
If the put’s

trading lower
you’re gonna have to sort out whether you should roll
or maybe even scrap the whole thing and close it.
OK break’s over!
Back to work, you knuckleheads.
Ok, knuckleheads.
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