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My name is Walt Case. I own Card Traders of Austin in Austin, Texas. We sell a variety
of sports cards, football, basketball, baseball, NASCAR, hockey and a variety of sports memorabilia.
We've been in business for about 16 years. The question is sometimes asked, where do
I sell basketball cards? Basketball cards are probably best sold in and around cities
that have NBA teams. The demand is going to be higher there, the people are going to be
more in tune with their basketball team and the players than they might be in other areas.
Regionally, basketball cards do sell fairly well

if you're in a close proximity to an
NBA team. You can sell your cards to your local hobby stores, you can sell cards online
through eBay, you can sell cards online through craigslist. You can also sell your cards in
garage sales. You can try to sell them to dealers at major shows throughout the country
that might come to your city or a city close to you. The best thing to do is probably check
with your local card shop, get advice from them as to the demand for your particular
card and who might be interested in purchasing it.

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