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Video Forex Trading Strategies That Work | Top Forex Trading Signals - Sell EUR/USD (13.06.16) (Forex 4hr trend strategy)

My FX Trading Signal - Sell EUR/USD m The EUR/USD has just recently bombed against the major resistance of the Matrix at 1.1406.

hi guys welcome to our top of the day trading opportunities in the forex
and today's Monday first trading day of the week and it's the 12 of june 2016
and in front of us we can clearly see the euro versus the dollar under weekly
now this is a cell signal guys euro dollar is building up some negative
sentiment all across the continent basically once again
and that you obviously have a down side effect on the on the pair
so that's from the you know fundamental point of view we also have of course the
technical point of view so that's that means the Fibonacci matrix in this case
because we do have a white trading range
you're right that actually started a year and a half ago almost a year and a
half ago with mar 2015 the euro has actually entered a very white trading
range i would say about the thousand pips trading range right between the
levels of roughly all one or six
- 116 even a bit higher than that
so now once the Bureau has visited the higher part of the matrix right
we expect him we expected now to move all the way down to the lower part of
the matrix the levels over 1 of 6 17
at least now one clear signal that we had in accordance with that prediction
is the fact that the euro has established a new low which is lower
than the previous one so that is basically the first signal forearm a
trend reversal that we might have right here
another strong signal in this case would be the fact that the euro is well last
corrected to the upside

corrected that move that down side move straight up to
the level of the major level of the matrix right here at 114 18 now that is
a very strong resistance level the fact that the euro has just touched it and
quickly bounced of their level is another cell signal in our in our
in our opinion now let me move quickly to the daily chart so we can close in on
the arm on the on the you know on the price section here and now you can see
my my trade I just put it in just recently short trade on this one
and you also can see my stop loss level now the best tapas level to place here
would be obviously above the more the very strong resistance here at 114 18
that is our major level but there would be probably
that will probably be too far for the current price so i just them had a
little modification here and put it placed it at the one . 1345 which should
be far enough
even if there is a small correction here I think the momentum is negative in this
now the other side of the matrix represented by this level
the one or 757 that's going to be my price target so that represents a 500
points move so we have a hundred points of risk and 500 points of rewards so
that's risk-reward ratio of 1.125 so that's good that's a good trading plan
in in in that sense
so yeah I wish I so good luck with this one guys and i'll see you on the next
trading opportunities

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