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hi, Srinivas here. In this video we are going to learn
3 Dimention Trading System. This Trading System is mainly used for Intraday Traders.
of course;
Swing Traders also can use this system as well
This System can be used in any Currency Pair,
Stocks and commodity and Bullion
On any Chart you can use this system
in this 3D System, we use
60 Simple Moving Average. Though, Moving Average Indicator is a Lagging Indicator,
we can use this Indicator, in this System very effectively.
Actually, this 3D System is a
Trend Trading System. Now, let us go to the system
Open any Chart,
Open 4 Hours Chart
Now, plot 60 SMA, on this Chart.
Now, you can see that this is 60
SMA, Price is below the
Moving Average. It means, we have to only
Sell Orders. Now, switch to the,
Lower time frame, H1. Here also we can see that
Price is below the Moving Average.
So, the Trend is conformed with this 1 Hour Time Frame.
Now, the main time frame
To get the Entry Points, switch to the 5 Minutes Time frame.
We have to search for only
sell opportunities. Right know, price is above the
Moving Average. So, now
we should not go for any Entries. But
where as, today itself, we can see that, we got
Two beautiful entries with nice profits.
today morning, price has
crossed 60 SMA from top Already
4 Hours and 1 Hour time frame 60 SMA
confirmed that, down trend is going on. so,
when the price has crossed the
60 SMA, we can enter here. Say for an example
if we have entered here, we would have earned
13 Pips in a five minutes
time frame. Again,
we got another entry here. If we entered here,
we would have earned these many

33 Pips in 5 minutes time frame.
so, in one day in
EUR/USD Chart, we got 2 entries
One entry gave 13 Pips profit and the 2nd entry
gave 33 Pips profit. This way
we can trade any Currency Pair with a
Simple Moving Average. This is a Trend
Trading system. Though, moving average is a lagging Indicator,
we use this indicator for Trend Trading
and Price Action Trading. When the Price
again crosses this moving average, from top
you can go for a sell entry. As long as
4 Hours time frame and 1 Hour time frame
Price is below the moving average
we can go for Sell entries. The same way
if the price is above moving average in 4 hour time frame
and in 1 hour time frame, we can enter Buy
when Price crosses the
60 SMA from bottom
in 5 Minutes time frame. But only thing is,
if you find difficulty to switch between
time frames and to check
each and every Currency Pair, here we use
some Tools. let's have a look at this. here in this chart,
we can see this is 5 minutes
NZD/USD Chart. In this window
this Indicator is showing Trend direction
in each time frame. this is 4 Hours time frame,
Price is below moving average and this is 1 hour time frame
price is below moving average and now we can check
our main chart. Price is crossing
60 moving average from top. So, this is going to be a
Sell entry with in a short time.
And for a quick look, I have installed another Indicator here.
This also shows up the direction immediately.
So, with this Tool, we don't need to switch between the time frames
again and again. Just open the Chart

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