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Hello, my name is Rita and I am one of the friendly front office co-ordinators at Sparkle
Dental. Do you experience fear, high anxiety or stress, just thinking about coming to the
dentist? Well I'm here to tell you about the sedation options that we offer here at Sparkle
Dental to make our patients' dental experience more comfortable. Our first option is nitrous,
also known as laughing gas or happy gas. This is a light form of sedation inhaled while
you're here for you appointment and once your appointment is done you're able to drive home.
The next option which is a bit heavier is oral sedation. This is taken in a tablet form
the night before your appointment so that you get a good night sleep and then also an
hour before your appointment to make you feel very relaxed. With this sedation you do need
someone to drop you off and pick you up from your appointment. The next sedation is intravenous
sedation, otherwise known as IV sedation and also known

as theTwilight sedation. We have
a sedationist who comes into the practice and administers the sedation intravenously
which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while you are having your treatment. Most
people fall asleep with this sedation but still are conscious. With this sedation you
do need someone to pick you up after your appointment. And lastly we offer a general
anaesthetic in hospital otherwise known as GA. This is where your treatment is done at
a day surgery and you are completely unconscious while having your treatment. Now this option
is not as popular as the other sedation options as the maximum length of time is 90 minutes
and most of our patients prefer and feel more comfortable having all their treatment done
in-house at Sparkle Dental. Thank you for watching this video and if you have any questions
please feel free to give us a call at Sparkle Dental 9300 2622.

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