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Video eToro's Open Book New Rankings (Forex book arabic)

EToro is proud to launch our new Rankings System. the new paremeters include weekly drawdown to show you these top traders worst week, profitable weeks.

hello and welcome to eToro's OpenBook New Rankings System
The ranking system
is divided by different timeframes starting from the top traders
in the last month all through the last year
let's go over some of the parameters to try to understand how we can segment
these top traders
starting from a number of copiers that a guru has, people people that are actively copying this guru,
through max drawdown, which shows you the worst week that this

trader has ever had
average exposure stands for the average amount of open positions
profitable weeks
stands for
the ratio of weeks that ended in profit out of all the week's in this time frame
last but not least percentage of gian
shows you
how much percentage was gained
during this specific time
all you have to do now
is pick your favorite guru
and let him do the work for you..Good Luck!

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