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Welcome to our You tube page. Today we are going to introduce, a new Vertex FX Indicator,
called RAVI (F X) Fisher.
RAVI (F X) Fisher is a powerful Vertex FX client side VTL oscillator, that identifies
market cycles, and provides trading opportunities, based on those market cycles.
It is based on Average True Range (A T R), and Exponential Moving Average (E M A), indicators.
In the first step, we calculate the Average True Ranges, for the fast period (M A) FAST,
and for the slow period, (MA) SLOW. In the second step, we calculate the Exponential
Moving Average, for the fast period (M A) FAST, and for the slow period (M A) SLOW.
In the third step, we calculate, the difference between the fast Moving

Average, and the slow
Moving Average, and then multiply this value by the fast (A T R ).
Finally, this value is divided by, the product of the slow Moving Average and slow (A T R).
The concept behind this indicator is that,, fast (M A) responds quicker to change in market
direction and trends. Similarly, when the markets are sideways, the (A T R) is lower,
and as soon as the market changes direction, the (A T R) gradually increases, because the
range of the market is increasing.
As a result, in an uptrending market, the difference between the fast (E M A), and slow
(E M A) increases, and so does the ratio between, the fast (A T R), and slow (A T R).

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