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exeter university recently held an event called the safer sex involved
arkansas the students took it a little bit too seriously and they got the same
at the ball are useless to learn about sex there and then go home
they decided to not which sellout in this in the news of graham bar
uh... harrington who did the defense lap and matheson has actually peter griffin
me right back at universities renoir a couple of students were videotapes uh...
boats seagram's t_v_ and on the mobile phone apparently
you know helping the effects of some sort of
knows that anyway i was in the actual
quotas on the national papers in uh... in exit or at that there was a risk
said that they engage in full benefit of hoping
siderable decisions early reports say they only did uh... heavy petting and
oral sex but the interesting thing to bring up the picture by the way
so i'd but that some of it
uh... so do you see them
i will talk about that
out that we can show that we have our support yeltsin's
that is this entire sometimes it's clap yeses plasticity patient it's about bats
over the hills of reveals back on that class where you see the delivery address
uh... political act of terror hillard's whatever regular foot just spite of the
about whether or not this is that this is a public like
like restaurant or bar
there that just like touching each other under the table stuff
they're spending it on
engaging in oral sex
what i'm trying to reword that at some point in time and then i think it feels
like i just love the

people at publix acting just like
you know that in our background report and the right back like you're not going
to have tracked exactly ortega picture burton of indiana revealed that the
video is out there somewhere
and all the reports and pop those if you put this thing to watch the video you
should know this is going to marry a young initial videotape or having sex
philandering jesse you deserve a virginia
uh... anyway the video supposedly out there concerts
was not able to live it just these pictures
everybody wants to see it
even though i like there is for the topics for the black and white but
uh... the excerpts have insisting paper at the university
uh... had appall online
to see if they should really said to have to present the eighty three percent
in body said yes
uh... but they're not actually see it because apparently evidence of soot
found yourself in actually happening it's a perfect ekobit leases conference
and they were
paper technology at all it also might like to come up with respect
have a baller people are like drinking and dancing and i have like
intersects accident he hasn't been cut
yet for to the camera that you will residents to know if there's a couple
condom on want to think
over republican suddenly wonders in and you have insects opinions the rainbow
are something as i can tell k
at a time when i got into the select more than two really
but maybe

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