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Welcome to the second installment on pivot points
Before, in the previous video, the first video we looked at
the zones. So the central pivot which is the pink line
in the illustration here, the central pivot is the main pivot
And these R1, R2, R3
above it, that stands for resistance and below you got S1, S2, S3
that stands for support. So basically what we've
talked about below the pivot
is the buying zone and above the pivot is the selling zone. Now in this video
we gonna expand on that because we gonna look at the actual levels
themselves. So how do you trade
of pivot points? Well, if we just click down here, you can
see, we've got the period separator. So this white line going down here
shows a new day. So everything to the right hand side to that line is a fresh day
and that's when the pivot points were calculated. Before this line, on this
price action here these pivots didn't exist
That's the crucial thing to bear in mind. So how can you trade? Well, first of all
what we want to do is we want to look for these pivots what prices they are
So if you can see this

central pivot here is a new fresh reason
to buy from that particular price. However we don't just wanna
buy because it's there we wanna match it up with something else. So we would need
a fresh reason which is the pivot but also an old reason
So you can see yesterday here, price came down and bounced off this level
when that pivot didn't exist and now existing, it came back down to that level
And now it's not only that good old level where traders previously been buying
you also got the fresh pivot point as a new reason to buy
And if you just scroll down here you can see on
this one the S1 down here
is exactly the same. Yesterday price came down
bounced of it really strongly
Remember this S1 didn't exist yesterday now we got the S1 there
so if this price comes back down you got the S1 as a fresh reason
to buy from this price which was a really good
buying level yesterday
So that's how you trade from pivots you need a confluence, you need more than one reason
in the correct zone

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