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Coming up next on Wall Street Warriors.
Today's start of the official bear market.
Stress levels are off the charts. The American economy is so weak right now.
13 bid 80. 13 bid 80.
We're down 13. F*** you're killing me.
The tension is visible. Just keep me updated. Goodbye!
order and order a huge pacing money billions and billions of dollars are
traded on a daily basis out here
to the extreme a lot of people make a lot of good money down here but you pay
the price too
right now we're a little tricky are you the american public want to really find
out any kind of move to the downside gets people panic I think we're gonna
have a problem in the market
Jerry Sega to rate I think the credit crisis and shoot right now because when
you US economy gets bad people run and they buy oil they buy gold.

There's a confidence that has eroded.
There is considerable uncertainty.
there's a lot of money on the sidelines things are bad across the board
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"; getting pounded because American economy is so weak right now there's a
problem I mean there's a problem that has to be solved some gotta be fixed
make a common last week
today's is definitely get a mark storie day because we are officially in a bear
front page of The Wall Street Journal The New York Times in all these other
offer financial newspapers are calling this the Great Depression we currently
have oil natural gas dollars and a 52 week low and those three components of
the economy are hurting really bad right now you need to keep everyone calm
collected and tell me about the option strategy don't get into panic mode and
tells me opportunity
right now obviously know today is the start of the official beer market on a
financial advisor doing this for two and a half years along with my part and
which is also my brother kid we deal with stocks bonds options around 43 4881
same thing wherever you will go to 59 bucks all day long
that's now trading at 8428 resort some people say don't do business with your
family but I don't know who else I could do business in trust the writing's on
the wall all you have to do is go the opposite way but every single day
myself my brother we reach a point of disagreement and you know what I
actually booked some of my clients out of yes KF right around 0 cause the
market just likes to do things his way and I like to go out and do things my
way up 20 percent right now I'll take the profit and that's it he held on for
another blog for some other guys in these of actually another another 15%
from where I was so tired right now he's about 30% on SKF he's looking good it's
kind of good that he's my alter ego here so when i think im right im wrong he's
right when he's wrong I'm right so you get the best of both worlds
three months oil goal from 80 to 130 but it's going to turn right i mean in the
us- prices are high enough in london there picketing and burning gas stations
wall street is feast or famine we just came out of 5 years of hyper grow and
bloom we got hit with the subprime crisis and wall street started to pare
back and lay off stress levels are off the charts it's a lot of hysteria in the
markets now many of the energy hedge funds are flat or minus for the hedge
funds are now managing a significant share probably fifty percent of
America's investable assets is he worth looking at internet really so what I do
as I look for undiscovered hedge fund managers and introduce them to some of
the largest investors on the planet
grains interest rates to see he's got 20% greater return on that's the right
on top of each other can get a high-profile investors all of the
country and all over the world and they just need to put capital to work
39 euros committed which is best four to eight billion dollars they said they
could do 250 more behind that we have way too much money chasing too few good
managers he's losing money when everyone else is losing money I look for managers
who generate consistent positive returns in all environments my fortunes are tied
to the manager fine successful managers I make a lot of money and if they don't
perform I don't get paid
Christie I am Christie rice and I am the CFO of the brokerage division of
thinkorswim there's always a lot going on that's one of the things about
thinkorswim constant deadlines we can't have it happened
make sure this gets fucked properly by expiration friday and so being a
broker-dealer there are a number of things that we need to request from our
database team being the only by the end of today I need to make sure that we
have our positions report and all of the information we need to go into our
financials fund our on expiration friday the tonton invisible
for twenty years when I never had a businessman and what we did was we just
showed up for work every day and worked really hard and we are where we are
we're not your parents brokerage firm I think we change the whole industry we
definitely blaze that technology trail and we've never been afraid to march to
a different beat people say we are the apple of the space into me
Apple is the greatest so if you want to compare I'll take that all day long over
this past year we went from an under the radar to higher profile research firm
and I think really you start looking at over the next six months and you're
gonna hear and see if they can swim a lot more we just take over this whole
building I think we'll do that while it was crying wolf walked to

the bank
not a bad day is a safety every day on Wall Street money is always being made
toward the pens on what you're in see if I can only squeeze maybe another 70,000
mile profit for the dollar rose point ever been so the question is what's the
hedge oil three magic words 95 bucks we already on our primary goal this year
besides making our client's money in a bear market is the land a couple of
high-profile athletes we feel we can crack this sport networking world would
have a bright future
the commodity crude analyst at the guidance to place a significant move is
coming in crude so what I'm trying to do now is just a sample of the take
advantage of reaching out to anybody that's hands on any energy business that
try to put together right if could double it can have and in either of
those scenarios if you get them right there is a significant amount of
speculation the arabs of turning the spigot on it turning it off
china says we don't need any oil then they come around and buy all the oil
that's available for that day and that's creating this public so what I'm trying
to do is put together a team that will analyze the fair value our forecast the
value of crude and build a product around when you look at institutions the
Institute Cary Fox is a very successful private equity manager I would love to
get his input on the energy project they're doing the same speculation but
they did with goal the sense that if the dollar is falling on the markets are
falling people want to go
carries out there with his fingers in many different now they're saying
oil I can have even a faster increase in the price he made a lot of value in
assembling a team to figure out the best way to get this time that kind of its
components today people are panicked lying
so the economics of the new front in this so we'll do that
what's going on right now is it was just panicking cash which is not exactly
where this is heading in what we should do I declined panic out of SKF one of my
shorts a month ago I had 1986 thousand dollars on the table he sold it won't
556 on Saturday he got in contact with can make it work the driving range gives
cannot calling says listen I gotta sit down with you guys want to come back in
now with half a million well I tried to explain to me from the get-go that
there's only one driver of the car the same applies to this with investments
and leave it to the experts who are drop keep playing these ETFs guys because
that's where we're making money and that's what we gonna keep making money
of this next one here to create wealth and opportunity to take advantage of
them for clients that's why they like us all of us working together and seeing
what is believed is a blessing because we all bring different passes to the
table does a lot of business development will do call him and I call you back to
reach is one of my trainees kind of getting the field of the market just get
in contact with those potential prospects let them know that today is
the official start of a bear market the market is not looking good client is not
looking to invest and you know you got a job to convince them every which way
that you gonna make that dollar menu will always still on for php trying to
tell you that will be the end of the quarter while he said by three o'clock
the market would turn around his downside it's about 3:30 gotta go back
and forth with this guy can would be you know cuz he's always he's always got to
be right
pulling the engine would so love by three so by the eighteen 18 will make
small little dollar bets and just just to prove a point
the market rally so you'll
100% wrong your prediction of 22 minutes
face captures the thinkorswim flair we are in Chicago downtown which actually
is the epitome of thinkorswim we're just a little bit on the edge
great thanks
as a reporter you know it's good I think that we're gonna have it right after two
o'clock wednesday at the batista because he told me about my first 1987 the CBOE
and I've been in a penetrating my entire life I was there an eighty-seven the
trade all through 2000 the tech bubble I left the trading floor and 2005 now what
they could swim instructor how can we take advantage of it was defined risk
around the country telling customers like they should use our trading
platform showing how they can trade clearly
everybody he captures our customers attention and he knows how to walk
someone through trade you make money on both sides but he's buying the future
telling somebody else to write to buy it at a higher price
majority of customers who are taking control of their own IRA accounts
they've had it with a brokerage firm that are not getting the return on their
money that they want anywhere in between the price he bought the future and above
where he sold the option he makes money both ways you can learn to trade
training is instant gratification and instant pain if you can take the pain
June 13 at the ticker symbol for the S&P 500 it's a real good benchmark the top
500 stocks and the USA mi pit we trade options against those it's our biggest
product down here it's a big money maker for the CBOE it's their product that's
not trade it anywhere also traded right here
how many people do you know they stand in a one and a half foot square area for
seven and a half hours every day of their life
cocaine eighty-foot Square area on the ground and standard for seven and a half
hours I don't think too many people

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