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Video MB Trading Forex ECN and Liquidity Rebates (Forex rebate)

M/ecn-forex/ MB Trading's ECN platform opens up an entirely new type of strategy through NinjaTrader and MetaTrader. You can.

Hi this is Shaun Overton with in this video we are going to
discuss the new liquidity rebates from MB trading and how it opens up a lot of new
opportunities for you as a retail trader the market structure is not entirely new for
MB trading liquidity rebate is if you combine that into a single strategy it opens up a
lot of new opportunities for you and we are going to use a simple scenario here on
the board to illustrate it for last 10 years ever since 1990 to 2000
when the market became available you have been stuck
as a price taker it means you log into NinjaTrader or MetaTrader and then
you see the price as where it’s at 136820 on the ask and 136815 on the bid
if you want to buy and then sell it instantly you would lose half a pip
right off the back just because you are stuck with these prices right now
with the change of structure it affects things where if you decide to put a limit
cell order and it happens to be inside the spread you will notice that the spread
narrows that’s great for MB’s trading clients because for the people that still want to
remain price takers the spread

is lower meaning that their cost is lower for you it
opens up a new opportunity if you want to make a market as well because you can
now sell here on the ask and you can buy on the bid so instead of having a half pip credit
or debit when you open and close the trade if you wait for somebody to buy
it from you and then wait for somebody to sell or for you to sell it to somebody else
then you are earning a half pip every time and that will fluctuate with the spread
the idea is that when you wait for the price or you make the price instead of taking the
price you have the opportunity to earn that difference and if you do that enough times
over thousands of trades it can add up to substantial profits it’s not
guaranteed because you are still stuck waiting for somebody to take your price and
it’s not guaranteed to happen
If you have questions about how to do this or take advantage of liquidity program
you can find me at
My name is Shaun Overton, Thank you for listening.

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