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Twitter Feed for #Forex trade malaysia

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Insomniac: eliUSDJPY This #forex #trader with hypothetical 49,000 pips profit (but a lot in a short period)… https://t.co/FQraHCANDd

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Day trading and swing trading are the two most popular styles of trading, when it comes to buying and selling futures contracts. Regardless of the style that a trader chooses, the important thing to keep in mind is that they both have their own rewards and risks. Traders wondering which of these two is better suited to their life style, the risk they can tolerate and their trading goals should understand these differences between them.

Day Trading

To become a day trader you need to follow a very stern rule i.e. "no overnight positions." Unlike regular traders, day traders can only trade during the most active session for their specific market and by the time the electronic markets close for their first reset, they should have no positions. The biggest advantage of this style is that overnight fluctuations do not affect or bother day traders. When volume drops overnight, highly volatile moves are also created by the low volume.

When traders have a low risk tolerance, overnight risk can be avoided by opting for a day trading strategy. However, this strategy also has some drawbacks. The fact that a much higher degree of concentration and focus is needed when placing trades is the biggest one of these drawbacks.

Traders might find this exhausting. Day traders also have to stick selling any futures they are holding before the market closes, even if selling them is not profitable. Another drawback is that day traders need to have many positions and trades in one day. Rather than waiting of a single big movie, day traders enter and exit many different positions rather quickly.

Swing Trading

Perhaps one of the most common strategies that traders use is swing trading. It is incorrect of swing traders to think of themselves as day traders, unless they are flat or always close out all their positions by the end of the day. Swing traders aim to take advantage of the marketplace's momentum and they wait for that momentum to run its course before they let go off a position. A position can be held by a true swing trader for a couple of hours up to a couple of days. The best part is that even when the momentum runs out in another direction, traders can continue taking advantage of trading in the opposite direction.

Swing trading is also worth considering for traders who have an interest in maximizing their profits; however, the risk is also higher, which is a drawback of this style. The marketplace itself is the biggest risk for swing traders. As a result of the after hour volatility, stop-losses are triggered by it. Reading the trend incorrectly is another major risk. This can take place when swing traders wait too late to jump into a position. They suffer big losses because of chasing the market in one direction and then the other. Visit Cfrn.com for more information.

Day Trading Or Swing Trading?

No trading strategy is ever fool-proof and winning trades and losing trades are made by virtually every trader. However, traders can make more profits if they become more comfortable with their trading style. This can be done if both day trading and swing trading strategies are employed by traders in their business. It is important to learn and master day trading strategies & techniques before plunging into it. You begin it without proper preparation and you are set to lose, so better be prepared.

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