Sep 24, 2013.

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Vietnamese Dong | Dong RV
hey guys it's Nick she from global currency reset that
and you probably wonder why i'm talking solo hits custom my sleeping an accident
while Baker had so
you guys if you're married you know what that's like and maybe it's a good thing
because some people say I talk too fast so
we're going to different thing right now arm
I'm not really sure what's going on you she guessed something okay
so look at the website among right now this is net Denia dot com
look at the rate for the United star for Iraqi dinar
okay that's to pretty much normal rate right
com missus
X E exceed outcome what it says
when you start because 1161 okay
1161 1161 I'm gonna reverse this
okay wanna wreckage articles here point 0
00 86 okay
let's go to this one now n
watch what I do and don't expect anything crazy just watch
okay 0
nothing now
she's up to even weirder and we're done with that
let's look at this one US dollar
21,000 whatever Vietnamese Dong K
on 2nd US dollar slash
bien wait for
areas okay
so according to this you get twenty 1,094 dawn
calling us php-20 1,090 for Don
reverse you get
your point 0 0 0047 to this 40 stare
now this
is huge watch DND slash USD
we're going to basically do the reverse watch what happens
forty 7 cents
okay they go so 90 with the rate for the
Vietnamese dong is I'm assuming you can just go to your bank in
and given this rate and they should give you 47 cents
must their Spanish on something different missing maybe it's just behind
a little bit but
you see the 40 here an age issue 47 once again
let's just do personal just to make

sure there's no mistakes K
okay here's a reversal
one US time buyers 20094
US dollar twenty 1,094 okay so was
I'm not make any mistakes me I'm doing this life you guys to see so
watch a comment below see what you think I'm
and also I actually have a link for you guys
if you wanna get involved with other a private exchange
if you wanna do a private exchange for Vietnamese Dong
I will
email you guys a private link
but you need to be part of the newsletter KK guys here
is to the newsletter page EC global currency research
dotnet forward slash subscribe newsletter or just type in global
currency research in fact it's far as I know
few guest type it in should be number one
%ah I hate those things don't you art
to type in Google Currents recent dunn et to side is number one
okay so it shouldn't be hard and then just click
on subscribe and going to bring you to this webpage
scroll down and sign up if you want to be part
up the private group notices for Vietnamese Dong only I haven't done any
anything for on I haven't i haven't done anything for
the enemy's on Heights on my time I'm sorry I just tired
very tired how I don't have a private exchange for dinar
I just have a private exchange for on
Vietnamese Dong okay fact here it is
private exchange for Vietnamese Dong get your name
Skype name how much dog Sophie have like
10,000 you just like 10,000
of near misses don't enter comments on May doing okay
at which is example shows commas bennett's tonight intercom is OK
at a little confusing on why they did that okay so
10,000 name number
are comments S's upload an affidavit
basically that three

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