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Hi there boys and girls! It's Folk Tale Time at Cool School.
This one is called The Great Race.
You ready?
On your mark, get set, let's go!
Legend has it that once upon a time,
many, many, many, many, many, maaany years ago,
in Ancient China, there was a rat.
That's me!
Not just any rat.
This rat was the WORST swimmer in the world!
Hey, the cat's a bad swimmer too!
That's true...
There was also a cat that couldn't swim.
Gimme a break!
Everybody knows cats don't like water.
Also true.
Nevertheless, there was to be a great race across the river,
and so the cat and the rat were just gonna have to get wet.
See, the Jade Emperor,
the guy who pretty much ruled everything,
had called a meeting of the animals
The Emperor was going to honor the first 12 animals to get across the river
with their very own year!
Picture that: the Year of the Rat!
Got a nice ring to it...
I prefer Year of the Cat!
Okay, let's skip ahead to the day of the big race.
So many animals were there!
There was a rabbit,
a goat,
a pig,
a rooster,
a snake,
a horse,
a dog,
a monkey,
a tiger,
an ox,
and a flying dragon.
The cat and the rat knew they didn't stand a chance.
So they hatched a clever plan to hitch a ride on another animal!
The dog was the fastest swimmer,
but the cat and the dog fought like, well, cats and dogs.
So that wouldn't work...
The flying dragon COULD get them there,
but the rat was afraid of heights!
Finally, they settled on the ox.
The ox was fast, strong, and the cat and the rat knew

they would trick him!
Hey ox! You wanna hear us sing a song?
Yeah! I love moosic!
Did you like it?
Gee guys, I couldn't hear it.
Well, let us hop onto your back and we'll sing it into your ear!
The cat and the rat hopped onto the ox's back
just as the race began!
Their plan was working!
On your mark... Get set... Go!
Can you hear us now?
What about now?
Nope... but I do hear a thumping sound.
It was a rabbit! The rabbit was hopping across the river from stone to stone!
Ah! Hurry ox!
But then the rabbit missed a stone
and instead landed on a floating log.
Haha! Bye bye rabbit!
Then they saw the tiger, coming up behind them
then the dragon,
then the horse!
Giddy-up ox! Hya!
Weird that I can hear THAT and not your song, right?
Yeah yeah, life's a mystery.
Keep swimming!
MS. BOOKSY: Poor, sweet ox.
The cat and the rat were not being very nice!
Meanwhile, three totally very nice animals
the goat, the rooster, and the monkey,
were still on shore trying to figure out how they could get across the river.
Not one of them could swim!
Just as they were about to give up,
the rooster spotted a raft!
The three of them pulled it to the river,
hopped in, and worked together to make it across.
They even offered a ride to the dog, but she said
No thank you!
But you're WAY behind!
You'll lose!
Puh-lease, I'm like the fastest swimmer ever!
I'll be fine.
MS. BOOKSY: Then they saw the pig on a raft, having a snack!
What? I got hungry...
I guess they never read The Tortoise and the Hare!

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