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Video Martingale Forex System Doomed to Failure (Fractional pips forex)

M/martingale-forex/ Trading forex with a Martingale system is almost certain to result in a blown up account. Shaun Overton uses.

Hi this is Shaun Overton with OneStepRemoved.com
and in this video I am going to prove to you
definitely why Martingale is a terrible idea
and I am going use the money management software
to show you how before we get into I do want to
cover the basis of the assumptions I am assuming that
you have a 50% win ratio that you have no advantage with the market
and that you are risking 1% of your account balance on start of every trade
and we can go through couple of different risk scenario to show
how it affect the outcomes but how the inevitable outcome is blowing up your account
and that’s what I care about in this video not how much money are your making
in the short run what’s the risk of losing every single dollar
in the account as time goes on you’ll notice that its directly
correlated with the number of trades we have done so after 50 trades
and we will push this out you’ll notice that you have a small likelihood
of blowing up it works out to about 8 1/2 % right here is the risk
of actually losing every single thing in your account that’s not so bad
with the average return of about 40% of likelihood of making
a 20% return after 50 trades pretty good now let’s
kick it up to something more substantial like 200
if you’re

trading on an old Martingale system this something that
might accrue after couple of weeks when you push calculate what you’re going to notice is
an explosion in this bar on the left it will increase from 8 1/2 % all the way up to
35% that’s a huge likelihood of blowing up your account that’s
only after 200 trades now if you want look towards long term survival
of your account if you placed 1000 trades and we want to ask the question
what’s the likelihood that you have blown up well we’re going to find that its
overwhelming likely to the point of you being in your certain so you might have some profits
in your account for a while you’ll see some nice jump in the acuity curve but by the time
you have place 1000th trades you have a 95.94% chance of having blown up
the account and its entirely now there are few lucky people that still have
balances this guy out here has a 0.54% chance of tripling
it's account compared to a 95% chance of losing his account so it
makes it a terrible bet that you should never take
If you have any questions on this you can find me at
My name is Shaun Overton
Thank You for listening.

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