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Hi my name is Rick Wyckoff and you can check out our website at and I am here
on behalf of Expert talking about the cost of tattoos. The average tattoo generally
starts out about or and goes all the way up to collectors who spend tens of thousands
of dollars on tattoos. Many parts of the country tattoo artists charge by the hour and the
average cost is about 0 an hour. Other artists are more expensive hourly and other
artists like myself, charge a flat rate. For instance, my flat rate is about 0 and a
session could last anywhere from two to six hours. Basically the point of charging by
session as opposed by the hour is that it turns out to be fairer for the artist and
the customer as well because you are not really restricted by your time or what you are doing.
Basically the opportunity for you to realize the potential of your artwork on somebody
without any limitations based on money or the person’s finances. Most of

the time
a smaller tattoo where you are just charging by the piece if somebody came to me and wanted
a rose on their ankle or something like that, it would fall into the shop minimum where
something a little bit more involved like a chest panel or whatever might cost about
like if they were doing two sessions with me might cost 0. But again, it varies from
shop to shop, artist to artist. A lot of times the cost will vary depending upon the person
who is doing it and their level of experience and level of technical and artistic ability.
Some of the more famous artists you might pay 0 an hour. Some you might pay even
more than that. It just kind of depends on who you are getting tattooed by but ultimately
costs should not be so much of a factor when you are talking about a permanent and surgical
cosmetic procedure. Bargain shopping for tattoos is often a regrettable practice.

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