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Watch our video to find out the basic processes taking place on the foreign exchange market and how you can benefit from them. In addition, you will learn how.

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- [Voiceover] Anyone who trades internationally
or has assets overseas
can be heavily impacted by currency market fluctuations.
A forward contract is a simple way
to protect yourself against the volatility
of the foreign exchange markets.
A forward contract allows you to lock in
a currency exchange rate
for settlement on a future date.
For example,
a company needs to sell 0,000 US dollars
and buy Canadian in six months.
To reduce market exposure,
the company enters into a forward contract,
fixing their exchange rate.
Based on current market conditions
at 1.20 US dollars for settlement in six months,
the company now knows that regardless of which
direction the market moves,
they will receive 0,000 Canadian dollars
when the contract expires.
The advantage to a forward contract is that if
over the course of the transaction,
the US dollar weakens against the Canadian dollar
and at expiry is trading below 1.20,
you are protected at your fixed exchange rate.
The impact on your profit margin can be

In this example,
you would realize a savings of ,000.
Forward contracts allow you to lock in
your exchange rate
and eliminate the risk of market movement
to your bottom line.
However, there is the potential of opportunity loss
if freights move in your favor
as you are still obligated
to exchange at the fixed rate
of the forward contract.
But the purpose of the forward contract
is to remove your exposure to the volatility
of the market
and fix your exchange rate,
providing you with certainty moving forward.
To enter into a forward contract,
you need to let your trader know
the dates that you are looking to exchange
and the amount of currency
that you are looking to transfer.
To secure your market position,
your trader will require a 5% margin
of the transaction total,
which is applied to the total amount owed
when the forward contract is settled.
For more information,
contract your trader today.
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