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Video Guppy Takes The Breathalyzer Test - Bar Rescue, Season 4 (Guppy better trading videos)

Gerry gives Guppy one last test after witnessing him sipping on a mysterious glass. Subscribe for more Bar Rescue! New episodes of Bar.

Listen, there's only one thing that's been out of place.
I'm hoping it's not what I think it is,
but you've been sipping out of that damn plastic cup
all day.
Ah, that's just my water glass.
I want to make sure you've changed for the better,
so if you're okay with it, we're going to get you
to prove a point to me, okay?
I'll bet you
it comes up zeroes.
Zeroes, across the board.
Across the board, buddy. Bring it in.
It feels awesome to let Gerry know
- that I gave up drinking behind the bar. - Yeah!
I think it put a smile on his face,
'cause it's definitely put a smile on my face.
Now I can actually say I am the chief.
Bar Rescue changed my bar and my life.
Taffer's a tough cookie.
He opened my

He straightened me back in line.
A lot of people have asked me, "Would you do it again?"
Yup, I'd do it again, just-- just to get the results I got.
It's worth it.
Jon, thanks for everything you did.
Uh, next time anyone's in Milwaukee,
come see us at Campbell's Irish Pub.
Come see Guppy.
Come see Packy.
See you soon. Thanks, guys.
Thanks, Bar Rescue.
PJ! Is that man awesome, or what?
Jon, you give people the inner resolve
to do the hardest things.
Guppy, I want to congratulate you, man.
Thank you.
So, the verdict on this bar is a complete success,
and I am really proud of you.
Oh, yeah. We hit a home run out of the park now.
Thank you.
[cheers and applause]
Thanks a lot, Jon.
Give it up for Guppy!

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