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Video Card Collecting : How Much Are My Hockey Cards Worth? (Hockey trading cards sell)

To find out how much hockey cards are worth, check the sports card price guide put out by Beckett, and look at the condition of the card. Protect hockey cards to.

My name is Walt Case. I own Card Traders of Austin in Austin, Texas. We've been in business
about sixteen years. We sell all kinds of sports cards and all kinds of sports memorabilia.
One of the big questions that comes in the industry is "What are my cards worth?" Let's
talk specifically about hockey cards. Hockey cards, in general, don't have the value that
some of the other sports do, because they don't have quite the following. They are regional
in nature, and sell extremely well in states and areas where hockey is predominant sport.
Probably the best known hockey card would be the Wayne Gretzky rookie card. Hockey cards
have not been produced enmass nearly as long as football and basketball and baseball. However,
they still remain quite popular. If you want to find out the suggested value of your card,
the best publication is called Beckett. It's a price guide that can be purchased in just
about any hobby shop, and in some

bookstores. Those guides will give you a general idea
of the value of your card. The other key factor in determining the value is the condition
of your card. It must be kept in good condition. It can't have bent corners, it can't be creased,
it can't be written on. You don't want to carry it around in your pocket. You want to
protect it. The other thing that determines the value and the sellability of your hockey
card is how much demand is there for it, and how many of 'em are available? As with American
economy in general, it's supply and demand. If you have a very high supply and a very
low demand, your value is not going to be too much. On the other hand, if you have a
very high demand and a very low supply, the price of your card is going to escalate considerably.
Again, the key factor is keep your card in good shape if you have any intentions of selling

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