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Video Forex Charts For Beginners (Learn to forex)

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Welcome to this very short presentation giving you a very basic understanding of
price charts
so that you can get a good feel for how the market moves and
most particularly how forex traders professional forex traders
used those price charts. So, the first thing we gonna look are two key elements
on the right hand side you'll notice the number and you can see that it is moving up
and down
currently it says 1.1298. That is the price
of this currency pair. So that's the first bit of
information that the chart gives you. It tells you
what the pair is currently trading at and how much
that pair costs to buy or sell. The other thing that price tells you
related to that of course, is where the prices been in the recent past
so you can see here
in this example that this currency pair has came all the way up to
1.1380 and then sellers came into the market
and pushed all the way back down to its lows. Now that's useful information
because we know that for whatever reason sellers
a trading from 1.1380 so if this pair gets back up to 1.1380
you guessed it, we can expect some more sellers to come back into the market
because that's recently been attractive to those sellers
it's also been a level that buyer's just can't get through
So, the first value of the price chart is showing us the history of the price
so we can make little decisions and judgments based on that current trade
now the other thing that a price does it displays
in different ways, so for example you got a bar chart here we've also can see a
line chart
or the most popular way - the candlestick chart. Now the candlestick chart is the
most popular form of chart analysis with professional traders simply because it

you much more information. You can see
not only where the prices been but where the major
rejections came from
these little wicks here show that the market sold
off very quickly
and this is a particularly fierce reaction zone if we go to a bar chart
for instance
or a line chart most obviously you don't get that same clarity you just see where the
prices been
without those little details. That's why candlesticks tend to be most important
Now one thing I want to mention here is that price charts
definitely get overused by retail traders. You
do not trade the markets or professionals don't trade the market's
by simply staring at a price chart
and waiting for it to give a signal of which way to trade the currency
on the different pairs. A mistake that retail traders make is they line up
all the currency pairs they put their indicators on each one and they just wait
to see
which pair gives them a signal next that is the worst way you can trade and if you do
trade like
that you stand a very high chance of losing money
the way you get your analysis is by studying the fundamentals and the
so you can highlight which particular currency pair
you wanna trade which direction you wanna
trade it in
and then use the price chart for an extra layer of analysis
so I hope that's helped. That's an introduction to price charts the
two values are
of course the price and history of what the pair has been doing
so you can make those decisions but you need to make it based on your existing
fundamental and sentiment analysis in the first place

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