There s much less action here because longer term trends don t get set up every day (or even every week). These kinds of trades.

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For more Forex news & info, please visit The US Dollar gained slightly versus most majors following mixed data in the US and the.

Hi there. In this video I'm going to highlight the volatility lab found in Interactive Brokers.
So for those of you not familiar with the platform, when you initially launched
this is the "Mosaic" view
and where we want to be headed is up here in the left-hand corner
under New Window. So once you click on that you get the dropdown menu here
and what you'll choose is Volatility Lab.
For those of you who have taken classes with Simpler Options before, and more
specifically with Bruce Marshall
I'm sure you've heard him refer to how often he's looking at volatility,
historical and implied. So this is a pretty handy tool here.
Now that it's pulled up, you can see that there's quite a few different
graphs and charts which can look at. just kind of see what's going on here.
So currently we're on implied volatility and there's multiple data points
that you can kind of take a look at. You can also add more, so it's
very customizable to kind of give you a view
of a lot of different things here.
One other thing to note is if you want to go down you can look at historical
volatility as well
and that should change the view of everything, and it has. So you can track
here, okay, well,

here's my implied volatility
and Apple, and you know, here's the historical volatility. You can compare
where we are currently
and where we've been in the past
Just a couple of other things to note: You can customize the year, the time frame
you can add additional data points by just clicking the plus sign here
and few other things to look at
the industry comparison. This is also pretty nice feature. So if you just click on
that at the bottom
you can go and see, okay, well, who is in the similar
market with Apple, or industry, that is.
HP obviously being one of them, Western Digital, so if you wanted to add a couple more, just
add that here
and if there's something that wasn't listed but you wanted to compare it with Apple
you could do that here. So just enter in the ticker and
you can see down at the bottom it's already plotted the Western Digital
that we selected, and if you remove that
obviously that will go away. It's just a nice snapshot view, saying okay, if Apple is
doing this then what is the rest of the
the market doing--in that sector, that is. So anyway
Hopefully this helps.

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Nevertheless, there were some small but constructive positive steps from the local markets front for the commodity. The RBI during the week allowed Banks to import gold on a "consignment basis." Banks and trading houses will be allowed to bring in gold with no conditions attached which is expected to boost domestic buying in the coming months. Gold imports in India have remained low in last couple of months despite the GoI withdrawing the highly tightening 80-20 in November. Imports remained lower as importers and waited for more clarity wherein the latest cues should come out as a shot in the arm for local Jewellery and other gold Importers. As per Prithviraj Kothari, ED of "India Bullion and Jeweler's Association, Gold imports may increase to 75-90 MT in coming months as against about 40 MT lately.

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