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I am going to talk a little bit about how to clear your sinuses. Obviously I'm not a
doctor. However, I have watched numerous YouTube videos... Probably, everyone ever created
on [pause] the topic of clearing sinus congestion and allergies. So I kept searching and kept
searching until finally I found something that you may or may not have heard of called
the neti pot. And this is the neti pot. This is the solution that worked for me (seemed
to work fastest for me). What happens is you have a salt solution, a saline solution that
you mix up with hot water and salt packets that come with the device. And the salt helps
to clear your sinus passages and gives you more comfort. So with that, what you do is,
if I'm going to start with my right nostril, I would put this into my right nostril. Um,
you are going to clear it. So, what you are

going to do is tilt your head towards the
left. You still want to keep your forehead at all times above you chin when you are doing
the tilt. But you want to make sure your right nostril, which you are going in, is above
your left. So, doing at the same time and you breathe through your mouth. And you'll
see it start to come out right there. And that is clearing out my sinuses. Breathe through
your mouth. There you have it, the Neti Pot. This is the best way to clear your sinuses.
Um, they come in all shapes and sizes and materials. So, I actually placed a link below
this video here. Check it out. I'll show you what I chose as the best Neti Pot available.
And also I have a little sample of what I call the "Rolls Royce" of Neti Pots. Check
it out, pretty cool.

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